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Ebook 8 Key Concepts for Data Analysis in the Age of AI

8 Key Concepts for Data Analysis in the Age of AI

We used to hear it everywhere: “Big data is the future.” Today, we barely hear the term “big data” anymore. Why is that, you ask?

Organizations have not stopped gathering insights from vast data sets. In fact, quite the contrary — this has become the norm. However, the immense amount of data being collected is useless without the right tools and people to extract insights from it. AI democratization is about making intelligence accessible to the average employee, who can then use it to make better day-to-day decisions.

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This guidebook aims to prepare analysts and other non-technical profiles for the transition to AI democratization, answering questions like:

  • How will the democratization of AI change the way I work?
  • How can I bring more value to the business with data analysis on larger and larger data?
  • How can I transform from a small data, spreadsheet-based mindset to one fit for the age of AI?