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Adaptive Planning

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At Workday, we’re powering a new generation of enterprise planning and analysis. Driving business agility in a fast-moving world, Workday Adaptive Planning helps people in companies collaborate, gain insights, and make smarter decisions, faster. Powerful modelling and analytics for any size organization, yet so easy for anybody who plans. Our planning solution enables organizations of all sizes to adapt to changing business conditions with confidence and agility.

Achieving Business Agility in the Age of Urgency


If there’s one thing business leaders have learned from 2020, it’s that disruption can come from anywhere at any time. So how do CFOs and their teams deliver accurate, real-time financial insight?

Financial Planning Solutions: A Buyer’s Guide

Financial Planning Solutions: A Buyer’s Guide

Spreadsheets and legacy on-premise systems no longer cut it. To succeed in today’s rapidly changing world, companies need full visibility into the business, strategic insights driven from real-time data, and the ability to take action fast. So they’re moving planning to the cloud.

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With continuous planning, companies are:

  • 1.5 times more likely to be able to reforecast within 1 week
  • 4 times as likely to be able to respond quickly to market change
  • Almost twice as likely to be able to forecast earnings between +/- 0%–5%

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud FP&A Solutions

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