4 Ways HR Can Conquer Seasonal Slumps


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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

HR managers need to keep their employees' wellbeing in mind, and that means being aware of the times of year that typically see staff feeling down.

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4 Ways HR Can Conquer Seasonal Slumps

Anyone working in HR knows the importance of staff happiness. If employees are feeling good, they will be more productive and improve the morale of those around them, making your workplace a better place overall. However, sometimes the time of year can work against you, harming the mood of your workers.

These seasonal slumps are common throughout the year, and can occur due to a number of reasons. For example, employees often feel down in autumn as the days get shorter, in January due to the Christmas period being over, or in summer after employees go on holiday and have to return to work.

However, you can deal with these in a number of ways:

Upbeat music

It might sound cheesy, but playing upbeat music can have a really positive effect on employee motivation. The University of Missouri found that while happy songs can't improve the mood on their own, they do help people to feel more positive.

Offer caffeine alternatives

Simon Robinson, of SAS Accounting Services, recommends cutting down on caffeine. Often more of an issue in the colder months where the consumption of warm drinks increases, caffeinated drinks cause short-term boosts in energy and mood followed by long-term slumps. Mr Robinson says:

Encourage caffeine free alternatives by providing a wide selection of fruit and herbal teas that provide a shot of heat without the side effects.

Provide anticipation

If employees have just got back from a holiday period, it can be a good idea to give them something else to look forward to so returning to work isn't too much of a downer. RealBusiness recommends running regular social events throughout the year. These are excellent ways to keep staff motivated and engaged.

Improve your office lighting

This is one for the winter months. A lack of sunlight really hampers people's mood, and it can even cause Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is similar to clinical depression. However, research has found that specialist light boxes can counter this effect, providing people with an alternative to the sunlight they are missing and thus lifting their mood.

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