10 Best Strategies to Boost Employee Engagement


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Monday, February 12, 2018

Employee engagement, with its relation to worker retention and job performance, is a subject which is turning out to be increasingly popular among the human resource professionals.

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10 Best Strategies to Boost Employee Engagement

You should know that an engaged team of workers is a productive team of workers, therefore, in order to create a productive office environment, you have to foster employee engagement. Thus, whether you are a small or large workforce, you need to motivate your employees and   make them feel valued. This is something that should not be overlooked.

Try out these 10 simple ways to boost employee engagement.

1. Start at the Top

Walking the walk is an effective employee engagement strategy that you can employ. The employees should see the leadership showing the behaviors and characteristics that everyone else is being asked to showcase.

2. Be Transparent

Management transparency has almost a direct correlation with the happiness of the employees. If you trust employees with sensitive information, it will offer them a sense of deeper investment in the company. When there is a top down approach in transparency, employees are more likely to willingly collaborate with each other whilst keeping the company vision in mind.

3. Show You Listen

When a clear issue has been identified, it needs to be acted upon. Moreover, it should also be clearly addressed, especially if you have discussed it with an employee. If the employees notice that their opinions are not only listened to but used for changes, it will lead to better engagement.

4. Get to Know Their Learning Styles

You need to find out how your employees want to learn and how they prefer to work. This way you will find out how well they work in a particular environment.

5. Offer Visibility

The CEO’s and manager’s suite should be visible and accessible around the office. This way the employees will know that they are available for guidance. Moreover, you should publicly recognize employees for their contribution. This will motivate employees to continue doing great work.

6. Say ‘Thank You’

Saying ‘Thank You’ is such a simple thing. However, this is often neglected, especially in large organizations. Acknowledgement among peers and management is a quick way to build trust. Employees with supportive supervisors are more likely to stay at the company.

7. Be Authentic

Companies are made of people, not machines and products. A genuine relationship between supervisors and employees will inspire trust, helping to build an efficient team.

8. Be Flexible

You have to give employees the freedom to adjust their location and work schedule as per their needs. There are many employers who do not trust their employees to get the work done when they work from home. However, workers with flexible hours and locations are often more productive. If you can trust your employees, an effective solution to offering greater flexibility is to offer a ROWE (results oriented work environment).

9. Volunteer Together

Doing good deeds for people is known to be good business. Organizations supporting philanthropic causes by engaging management and employees in volunteering projects see a massive increase in productivity and engagement. It demonstrates that the company is not just making money but also bringing about a difference in the world.

10. Engage from Day One

If you make employees sit through piles of paperwork on the first day of work then it will surely kill their engagement. New employees are full of curiosity and enthusiasm. You need to capitalize on the momentum by giving them the right job and helping them to get to know their co-workers.

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