The Welcome Pack: What New Recruits Need to Know


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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Ensuring new hires have everything they need to hit the ground running is a crucial part of the onboarding process for employees.

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The Welcome Pack: What New Recruits Need to Know

There's a lot of information that new hires need to know before joining the company and the welcome pack is a fantastic way of ensuring prospective employees are engaged from the start. So what do you need to include?

1. Provide a first week itinerary

The first week can often be overwhelming for new hires, so creating a schedule that briefly sets out what they can expect can help engage them in the onboarding process and give them reassurance that they won't just be left to sink or swim. It should also include a reminder of any documentation they need to bring with them.

Training and document completion will obviously feature but don't neglect the cultural side of your organization. From a team lunch to a social event with the whole company, there are plenty of ways to show new hires what it's like to work with you, while also helping them to get to know their new colleagues.

2. Give them access to what they’ll use

Depending on the role being filled, there's likely to be a number of portals and content management systems (CMS) that they'll need to get used to using. Sending a list of these ahead of their start date allows them to become familiar with the interfaces without the pressure of having to complete a task as well.

You may also want to give them links to your social media profiles, as this can give the new recruit a good idea of how your company operates and what sort of stuff they share online.

3. Showcase your company culture

Finding ways to showcase your company culture in the welcome pack can help new hires get a much better idea of what they're letting themselves in for. This should include anything that employees may not expect, such as dress-down Fridays, childcare support, and any upcoming social events. By doing this, new hires will get to know your organization and what it will be like to work for you.

It can be a good way to seal the deal if contracts haven't been signed, as company culture can have a massive impact on whether top talent take up employment offers.

4. Meet the team

Your welcome pack should include short bios on each of the main team members they will be working with, as well as - where possible - a picture of what the organization looks like. It's a good idea to list their job responsibilities as well as some of their key interests and a picture. Doing this allows prospective employees to feel like they somewhat know their colleagues before their start date, and understand what common ground they may share.

An organizational map may include who the senior members of the company are, and what their main responsibilities are, but also how different departments are expected to work together. This will not only help new hires get an idea of how the business operates but also what their role will include day-to-day.

5. Welcome gifts

Many companies like to include welcome gifts as part of the induction documentation. This may include vouchers for nearby lunch spots to help them settle in or drinks at a bar as part of their welcome social event. This is a small but impactful gesture that will make them feel part of the team from the beginning, and ensure they feel appreciated for taking up their new role.

If you want to go the extra mile, why not put together a welcome hamper to be on their desk for their first day? You can include small items like chocolates, a mug, a welcome message from the CEO or Director, and anything else you can think of. This relatively inexpensive gift will surely put a smile on their face and help them feel at ease on their first day.

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