5 Simple Ways You Can Find More Candidates


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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Ensuring you have a healthy talent pool is the most effective way of helping you find the right candidate for a new role, but how do you make sure you get a good number?

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5 Simple Ways You Can Find More Candidates

Recruitment can be a complex issue, but one of the most important elements of the hiring process is ensuring that you have a decent talent pool to choose from. For smaller companies, investing in online recruitment sites can be expensive, so engaging more people from the job page on your website is a great way of getting more candidates.

But how do you attract a decent number of people?

1. Streamline your website

You want to make it as easy as possible for people browsing your website to get to the careers page. A high number of job seekers will be directed to your page from their own Google search so you need to ensure it's simple for them. This means your careers page needs to be visible from your home page, but also ensure that users can easily filter the jobs by location, type and wage.

2. Reflect your brand voice

Any job listing should reflect your brand voice, especially on your own website. Make sure the language you're using to describe the role is in-line with your branding, and speaks to the type of person you're looking to attract. It may be worth doing persona research for the candidates you want to hire, and make sure this matches the brand voice you're using.

3. Describe company culture

You need your job description to clearly tell prospective candidates what it's like to work at your company. Although wage is an important factor, it doesn't carry the same clout that it used to. Candidates are now far more concerned about the type of company they'll be working for and what the culture will be like. Address this in your job description, as well as outlining any benefits that you offer.

4. Consider your application process

If your application process is complicated, too long or asks for more personal information than you need at this stage, candidates are likely to go to one of your competitors who have a more streamlined process. Interviews are used to find out more detailed information so make your application process as simple as possible.

5. Be mobile-friendly

Candidates are busy, probably holding down a full-time job while looking at how to progress their career, which means you want to make it as easy as possible for them to apply. Smartphones and tablets are a popular way for people to browse jobs and apply for them, so make sure your website, and especially the careers page, is optimized for all devices. This means implementing responsive web design and making sure the webpage adjusts to different screen sizes without damaging usability.

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