5 Tips for Recruiting Tech Talent through Social Media


Catrin CooperWriter and Content Manager

Monday, April 9, 2018

Tech jobs were too boring for a long time and only the nerdy computer experts applied for them. But the landscape has changed. The once lacking-in-excitement IT positions are the more generally desired jobs of today.

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5 Tips for Recruiting Tech Talent through Social M

Various individuals wish to take part in how technology is shaping our future. As a result, more and more young individuals are flocking to the tech industry, rather than becoming a lawyer or working on Wall Street.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that hiring in the IT department in 2024 would grow by 12 percent. With that demand, tech talents can expect favorable compensation.

Many tech positions are well-paid. However, if you have advanced skills, you could quickly demand a higher salary. But the talent pool for various tech roles is limited. Thus, candidates are selective when they are searching for a job.

With the growing millennial staff, recruiters must learn to adapt.

This breed of job hunters are not motivated by a huge salary, unlike the previous generations. Preferably, they are driven by economic changes and other factors that influence their mindset.

To connect with this new breed of job hunters, recruiters should adapt their strategies according to the millennials’ habits.

What can you do to find the right tech talents? The best place you can start is to go to social media. Then, hire recruiters who can speak the right language.

1. Hire recruiters specialized in tech

Tech-specialized recruiters can speak the right language to the right tech talents. By hiring them, they can describe the job in a manner that makes sense to the candidates.

The recruiters specializing in searching for the tech talents can express what your company is looking for in a practical method. As a result, it can help to bring in the right candidates and making a good first impression through social media.

2. Develop a culture on social media

Don’t use hashtags or hip phrases that don’t represent your company. It is true that fun workplace cultures are prevalent in the best cities for IT professionals. But not all millennials are looking for such culture.

Keep in mind that whilst this group of people have a variety of interests and preferences, they have one thing in common; they like authenticity. For that reason, you must develop a foundation of authentic branding and a culture that is worth sharing on social media.

3. Use hashtags to spread your message

Hashtags are helpful for recruits to find your content on the social network. They widen your potential audience as they allow people who are not following you to discover your content that might interest them.

The right hashtags for your campaign must be memorable and relevant to your company.

For example, you may use #recruiting, #recruitment, #dreamjob, and #joblove. You may also use hashtags specific for your brand content. For example, Disney utilizes #lifeatdisney to recruit talent. HootSuite, on the other hand, uses #hootsuitelife. Then, make sure to involve other hashtags related to the job you offer.

4. Enhance your LinkedIn profile

The majority of recruiters are using LinkedIn and many people will put in the effort to ensure their LinkedIn profile is up to date with their latest skills and experience. Thus, it makes sense to use the network to find appropriately skilled candidates.

To maximize your reach on the platform, participate in groups. Being active in relevant groups will make it easier for you to find top talent and influencers.

5. Use Instagram too

Your recruitment campaign does not have to be strictly professional. If you are targeting millennials, make sure that you bring fun to the table. Instagram’s visual platform can help you accomplish a lot. Bear in mind that the platform has more than 600 million active users. It’s a massive talent pool and there's a huge chance that those individuals you want to reach are on this platform.

Use this platform to feature the fun side of your company. But make sure to build your Instagram following first before you post a recruiting announcement. Then, don’t forget to include the right hashtags to maximize the reach.

We hope that these tips can help you catch the best tech talents and keep them.

Catrin Cooper

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