How to Recruit the Best Tech Talent in a Competitive Market


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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Hiring top tech talent is a challenge for many managers this year. Here are some approaches that are essential to attracting top talent.

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How to Recruit the Best Tech Talent in a Competiti
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One of the biggest challenges that managers are facing in 2019 is hiring top tech talent. If you’re looking to hire the best tech stars out there, you’re not alone. There are a few things you will need to be aware of to get ahead of the game.

Highly skilled tech experts now have a lot of opportunities when it comes to deciding where to work and the tech gap is widening at an astonishing pace according to the most recent 2018 CIO Survey.

Tech skills are highly sought after in our data-driven tech-infused society. You would need to be living under a rock to not see the impact tech is having on all areas of our lives - from online banking, to standing in the self-serve checkout at the store. Tech is penetrating every area of society and there are not enough pro’s with the required skills to fill the gap.

Sure, there are a ton of average tech professionals that are new to the game. But how do you attract the crème de la crème – the tech nerds that live and breathe all things IT, love their job and have the best skills out there? In this article we will discuss a few approaches that are essential to attracting top talent (…and keeping them).

#1 | Be willing to negotiate

Due to the fact that top tech stars have so much choice, you might need up your game when it comes to meeting their needs. If they are on the lookout for “something better” you need to be that “something”. Bear in mind that money isn’t everything to most of the elite in the tech world.

#2 | Go the extra mile

Make sure to ask your prospect what you can do for them. Hiring in today’s tech market is a two-way street – the relationship is more of cooperation, when compared to the old fashioned, military-like hierarchical approach that many are still willing to accept.

The recruiting game is also different when you are looking to hire top talent. You will need to go the extra mile and offer them all of the benefits that suit their individual requirements. Do they want stock options, additional leave or flexible working hours?

Have an in depth conversation to make sure you’ve discovered what they really want from their new position with your company. Tailor your interview questions to meet the needs of your new recruit – to do this, you’ll need to do some background research on your candidate to allow you to create the best questions.

#3 | Compensate Effectively

Create an attractive pay scale that will more than compensate your new recruit for providing their skills. Once you have paid the high-fee that is expected, then you can focus on other areas that will attract your new tech guru to your team. Remember, a great job is so much more than the pay - it is a massive part of most people’s lives

A tech expert is both an asset and a great investment that can create high-quality solutions for your organization. Be willing to invest in your new team member and offer them an attractive package that they cannot refuse.

Take time to find out what their ideal job entails. You’ll need to provide above average benefits, a competitive salary and an environment and company ethos that is fitting for the best. Top talent invariably knows their worth, so you will need to be flexible and accommodate your prospects needs if you really want to attract the best talent.

# 4 | Create an Attractive Company Story and Ethos

A strong company ethos and story will make you stand out as an employer. If people can resonate with your company story, they will be more likely to choose you over another employer with a similar package and no relatable story. Switch from the old fashioned employer model and think more like a modern sales person.

Your company story, ethos and culture could make or break the deal. Think about a relaxed, yet supportive atmosphere that is a pleasure to work in, combined with great perks and flexible working hours.

# 5 | Vision and Innovation

If you are looking for tech pro’s that are continually learning and growing their skills, in alignment with the rapid technological advancements, then mirror that in your offering. Your ideal candidate will be attracted to a company vision that is both exciting and innovative. To be the best in today’s market, your new tech guru will have to be continually learning to keep ahead of the curve.

Have a big company vision and continually innovate, especially within your tech department. You’ll want to be working on exciting new projects and have a vision that allows your team to explore and develop their skills in meaningful ways.

Think about what your company is doing that is new and exciting. How can you portray this to your ideal candidate?

#6 | Authenticity – ensuring a mutual fit

Attracting the right candidate is one thing. Keeping them there is another story. When hiring your new tech guru, make sure that they are a good fit for your team. Once you have ticked all the boxes, then it’s time to cut to the chase.

You might have found the best talent out there, but do they work well with your team? Don’t oversell the position, or exaggerate – keep it real. Make sure that everything discussed is true and you have asked all of the right questions to gauge whether or not your talent scouting has resulted in the ideal tech talent for your company.

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