7 Seasonal Hiring Strategies Guaranteed to Attract Employees


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Monday, November 1, 2021

As the holiday season is fast approaching, the drive for seasonal employees increases. Retailers and hospitality brands are at the forefront of the rush to find the best employees for the peak season.

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7 Seasonal Hiring Strategies Guaranteed to Attract Employees

Companies such as Target announced their commitment to hiring 100,000 seasonal workers as early as September. Even short-term and seasonal staff need to be the best talent to ensure your company has a successful Christmas season, so we’re looking at some effective strategies guaranteed to attract top seasonal talent.

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1. Build a strong employer brand

It’s become a standard practice for potential employees to look up their employer, as much as it is for you to explore their online history. Audit your brand’s digital identity and look for any weaknesses. You want to be attractive to potential employees and offer a work environment they can imagine themselves being a part of, enjoying and contributing to. Check your website’s careers page is inviting and gives candidates a good impression as the new generation is looking carefully at company reviews to see if the employer is a place that matches with their values and treats employees well. If you feel you’re not attracting the right kind of candidate then explore what more you could be doing to present your brand invitingly, rethink your social media strategy and look to create a positive buzz around your company and stand out as a socially responsible business.

2. Hire ahead of time

If you only start hiring for Christmas at the end of November, you’ve left it too late. Many of the biggest brands start interviewing seasonal staff in October, ensuring they have plenty of time to schedule and conduct interviews before the peak period hits. You may even need more time if there are skills and training your employees will need before they can get started. If you leave it too late you may find all the best seasonal employees have already been snapped up.

3. Be where the talent is

Aberdeen Group research found that 73% of millennials found their last position through a social media site. Post your ads on as many relevant platforms as possible. Remember, your previous employees and prospects may still be following you so the right incentives may attract them back into the fold. Optimize your job ads for the audience you are targeting. There are specific job boards for seasonal work too where you can advertise directly to an already primed audience. Taking time to pinpoint the right places to advertise will help improve your chances of attracting candidates looking for seasonal work and ready for the challenge.

4. Incentivize employee referrals

Your current employees are working for you for a reason. You appreciate their work ethic, skills and talent and you should also trust their judgement. Offer incentives to employees who recommend and share openings with their friends and family. Paying incentives for successfully hired employees makes them much more likely to let others know about any vacancies within the company. Also, if you trust your employees and appreciate their work, it’s likely those they refer to you will be just as hard-working.

5. Cherry pick from your top customers

Your most loyal customers are already advocates of your brand. They love what you sell and are happy to regularly make purchases. One of the perks of employment is, of course, the staff discount you get. Your top customers are already familiar with your brand and maybe keen on the idea of enjoying a discount on their favorite products. Take the time to share vacancies with your customer base via email newsletters, in-store advertising and even word-of-mouth via your current staff where appropriate.

6. Offer unparalleled perks and incentives

Seasonal employees are looking to make a bit of extra cash for the holiday period. Some may be looking for a future full-time role, but many simply want to boost their income. Incentives such as Earned Wage Access (EWA) can be the difference between an employee choosing your company and another. With Payactiv, employees can get paid for the hours they’ve worked ahead of scheduled payday in just a few taps on their phone. It allows employees to get paid for holiday shifts and access their earned wages in real-time so they can benefit from the extra holiday cash. The Payactiv Visa® Payroll Card1 allows employers to include all their employees on direct deposit from day one and, in combination with on-demand pay, gives employees access to their earned wages every day.

7. Create a flexible and engaging working environment

Seasonal workers recognize they’re signing up for shift work and they may be willing to swap and change to satisfy their financial and personal needs. The Payactiv Connect platform is ideal for offering employees access to additional shifts and employers benefit from easily being able to organize the shift schedule and quickly fill any empty shifts. Seasonal employees are often looking to maximize their earnings so access to additional shifts and therefore more money is a bonus.

Most seasonal employees are considered part of the deskless workforce, with no set station for their working day. This can make workplace communications and the social side of work more difficult. All people crave connections with those around them, and the 2.7 billion deskless workers around the world are no different. Connecting with seasonal and shift works can be tricky because you may rarely cross paths which is why tools that enable you to do this are invaluable for bringing the team together. Payactiv Connect allows you to share company announcements and set up DM and group chats, both for professional purposes as well as fun and socializing.

The busy nature of the holiday season, with customers at peak stress levels, means you need employees you can rely on. Advertising is only the first step in your seasonal holiday hiring plan. To attract the best seasonal employees, you must be the best possible employer you can be and offer attractive seasonal employee benefits. This means providing them with a work environment they can enjoy, incentives they are enticed by and the chance to boost their earnings as often as possible.

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