Filling the Unfillable: How to Hire that Hard to Find Talent


Ellie Saunders Marketer at eReceptionist

Monday, March 12, 2018

As an employer, you want to fill positions with the best talent available. This is easier said than done.

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Filling the Unfillable: How to Hire that Hard to F

The process of finding that talent can be challenging. Recruiting for jobs, especially technical ones, often needs a fresh approach.  There are new businesses, new technology and new roles compared to ten years ago. So, why not hire people in a new way?

What approach should be taken? How can you find somebody for that hard to fill position? The best solution is to combine traditional recruiting techniques with more modern methods.

Social networks

Start creating social media accounts for your company. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, are a good start and you can opt to join other platforms later. YouTube videos and blog posts are a great way to network and recruit candidates. With these social media accounts, you can show candidates what it’s like to work for your company. Highlight aspects that employees love. Showing top talent what you company is like is better than telling them what it is like. Always encourage the use of social media to find candidates.

Employee referrals

Employee referrals should be encouraged. It is considered one of the most powerful resources when finding appropriate candidates. Employee referrals are often of high quality, close quickly and they usually stay with the company longer. Everything you want! If you don’t have an employee referral program, you need to implement one. Always try to use this strategy before turning to job boards like Gumtree.

Smarter content marketing

While content marketing can be used to sell and build brand reputation, you can also use it to recruit new staff.  Build your reputation as an employer of choice by creating high-quality content. This content can help your business become influential and generate interest. When candidates search online, your company will be there.

Improved job descriptions

Job descriptions are often boring and dull. Companies all use the same language and format. When you create a job ad, you want to use attractive and unique language that catches the eye. Don’t list ten things that candidates need to apply, list ten reasons why they would want to work you. You need to enter all the essential information, but you can make it appealing at the same time.

What sets your company apart from competitors and other businesses? Why are you the best? Why should the top talent work for you? Have links to social media pages and other sites that where employees can leave reviews about working for your business.

Finally, make sure your job description is realistic. Setting the bar too high can hinder the search before it has even begun.

Straight out of college

Target young adults starting their careers. Just because somebody is coming out of college doesn’t mean they are not top talent. There are many great benefits of hiring graduates. You can start small and implement shadow and internship programs for college students. Participate in college recruitment and get the advantage when it comes to hiring entry level grads. There is so much talent out there; you just need to look in the right place.

To truly focus on these individuals, you must know where to look. Additionally, you need to know what they consider as important.  Is it growth, company culture or salary? Often culture and career potential are at the top of the list.

Ellie Saunders

Ellie Saunders is a young mother who is passionate about digital businesses. She is currently enjoying her marketing role at eReceptionist, a place where businesses can get virtual and toll-free numbers.


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