4 Hacks to Improve Your Recruiting Strategy (And Hire the Best Talent)


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Monday, September 9, 2019

How a company runs its recruitment program is crucial to how likely it will attract the best and brightest in its industry. As a result, hiring the best talent often relies upon a well-thought recruitment strategy.

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4 Hacks to Improve Your Recruitment Strategy (And Hire the Best Talent)

Every business wants to be able to hire the best talent in their field, but understanding the challenges in doing so can sometimes be easier said than done. When it comes to recruitment, defining a clear strategy is essential, and this means taking into account the latest recruiting trends.

One of the biggest issues that companies face at present is the need to provide an enjoyable candidate experience and to make sure the listings they create are fit for purpose. Failure to address these issues in your hiring process can be counterproductive to attracting the best talent, so here are four tips to keep in mind when building your recruiting strategy:

1. Tailor your job posts

If companies want to attract the best talent they need to ensure their job listings are reaching the correct audience. It's essential to tailor your job postings accordingly, with a focus on making them stand out from your competition. This relies on crafting clear, engaging job posts that appeal directly to talented job seekers, and should highlight the reasons your business is a fantastic place to work.

Here are a few simple ways to improve your job posting:

  • Make sure the job title and headline are clear and relevant to the specific role
  • Write efficiently by using clear, concise language to make the post easy to read
  • Adopt a welcoming, engaging tone and address the reader directly to highlight your business as a friendly and enjoyable place to work.

Avoid dull, generic descriptions of the role. You want your jobs to sound dynamic and engaging, so avoid simply duplicating similar job descriptions into different advertising channels.

2. Invest in assessment tools

Confirming that a candidate has the necessary skills and experience to succeed in your business is important, and this can be achieved by having them complete assessments relevant to the responsibilities of the role. It can be beneficial to run through mock scenarios or work through the types of challenges the person is likely to face in the role.

Additionally, it can be a challenge to determine whether a prospective employee will be a good cultural fit within your business. Psychometric testing can assess a person's character and provide insight into specific personality traits. This can be a helpful way to assess whether a candidate will be complementary to the current team and working environment.

3. Engage with passive candidates

The best talent won’t always be proactively searching for a new role, but that doesn't mean you have to wait for these individuals to come to you first.

A LinkedIn study highlights that 70% of global talent is passive. In addition, research from The Undercover Recruiter shows how passive candidates are more likely to make a lasting impact for a business. As a result, engaging directly with these individuals should be a priority.

There are various ways to approach passive candidates. Develop a strong presence on social media and build a reputation within your industry for being cutting-edge. Additionally, publish eye-catching content that positions your business as a leading voice in your industry.

4. Treat your applicants like customers

Businesses wishing to attract the best talent should build a strong reputation for themselves in terms of how they treat their current employees and any potential new team members.

The recruiting process is a key time to do this. Consider how your company’s actions throughout the interview process will be viewed in their wider industry. A negative or disorganized candidate experience can drive away talented individuals, so practice prompt communication and provide feedback to all applicants throughout the interview process.

Treat your recruiting program like your sales funnel. Be quick to act on potential leads for new hires who would benefit your organization, and make the candidate experience as enjoyable as possible to maximize your chances of sealing the deal.

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