These 6 Key Trends Will Drive Your Recruitment Strategy in 2020


Pem BrookeMarketing Manager of Superstaff

Monday, April 27, 2020

With candidates holding more power than ever before, you must adapt and evolve your hiring processes to suit the current candidate-driven market. Here are six key trends you need to implement to drive your recruitment process forward.

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These 6 Key Trends Will Drive Your Recruitment Strategy in 2020 Infographic

Over the past few years, the recruitment industry has transformed into a candidate-centered market. Unlike before, when employers, companies, and agencies had most of the say during the job application process, modern-day job seekers now have more control and power over their careers.

With a global shortage of talent, this significant change in the HR landscape suggests that the battle for the top candidates among companies is bound to get tougher.

Regardless of what industry you operate in, your company’s ability to evolve will define its relevance in the years to come. Now that recruiters are experiencing this significant shift in HR, companies from every discipline must analyze and reassess their recruitment processes to attract the best prospects available.

How trends can help

If you’re planning to expand soon, the first course of action you must take is to identify the key developments, practices, and trends in the recruitment industry. Companies that stick to outdated programs or limit their talent acquisition tactics to traditional methods will miss out on several opportunities to improve their workforce.

Effective hiring managers make use of multiple channels for talent acquisition, such as:

  • HR automation software
  • digital screening and profile matching
  • email
  • online recruitment platforms

Aside from making good use of creativity and resources, they must also invest in other tools and services such as social media, recruitment process outsourcing, and employer marketing to their advantage.

The effects of the technological revolution

The HR landscape is a highly-reactive and ever-evolving field. With the fourth industrial revolution at hand, both recruiters and job seekers will be affected by the automation of work, the integration of new technology, and the constant introduction of other innovations.

However, despite the challenges brought upon by digital transformation, one can easily navigate through the new playing field and find success with the right amount of effort. Job hunters are continually looking for ways to improve their employability, and hiring managers must do the same by refining their recruitment processes.

More than just technical skills

Regardless of the stage of their career, it’s essential to know that top candidates don’t just settle for a company that can give them the highest salary or the best job position. In fact, top-performing individuals make a shortlist of their prospective companies to find which organization will be a hand-in-glove fit with their own needs. 

The same way recruiters are on the lookout for soft skills; candidates also wish to work for companies that are more than meets the eye. High-performing candidates prioritize a company’s values and the potential satisfaction they can get before anything else.

Benefits and coverages may entice them to continue or start their careers with you, but for them to close an agreement, you’ll need to showcase your value in other ways.

The future of work is volatile, but the developments in recruitment can serve as your guide. To stay relevant through the unpredictability of the HR industry, you must always stay up-to-date with the best practices and see if your talent acquisition methods are still productive.

By taking note of how giants in the HR industry catch the biggest fish in the ocean, you’ll be able to acquire new ideas on how you can refine and optimize your recruitment strategy.

Looking to bolster your workforce? Take note of industry changes so you won’t be a casualty of the talent war. To keep you one step ahead in the recruitment race, we’ve prepared a guide. The infographic below discusses six key recruitment trends alongside other vital statistics to drive your recruitment process forward.

Recruitment trends in 2020

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