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Addressing Drug Diversion in Healthcare: Where Do I Start?

An estimated 37,000 drug diverters are present in the U.S. each year – yet only 300 are reported. With drug diversion becoming a rampant problem in recent years, this issue impacts patients, care providers, drug diverters, and the community as a whole. The opioid epidemic is what largely fuels drug diversion, which claimed over 49,000 lives last year alone.

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There is no magic button to solving drug diversion, but with a multi-layered approach, care providers can drive a culture of compliance, privacy, and security into their organization.


In this whitepaper you will learn about:

  • The current drug diversion landscape
  • The opioid epidemic and addiction
  • Drug diversion scenarios and enforcement
  • The effects of drug diversion on the patient, care provider, and drug diverter
  • The 9 steps to create a full-lifecycle drug diversion monitoring program