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Webinar Alteryx Data Innovators in Tax, Audit and Finance

Data Innovators in Tax, Audit and Finance

According to the Aberdeen Group, 38% of financial planning teams report that their budgeting and forecasting process is too long and resource-intensive.

The culprit? Multiple, disparate data sources, highly spreadsheet-oriented processes, and an inability to incorporate machine learning into forecasting. Forecasts and plans change regularly, so how can financial planning teams refresh information based on real-time changes and model forecasts effectively?

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Watch this webinar and learn how self-service analytics can help you:

  • Extract reporting data from external sources, improve the accuracy of the data and introduce forecasting capabilities
  • Identify broken or inefficient data processes
  • Optimize and scale financial processes for the organization
  • Progress from spreadsheet-based reconciliation to full automation
  • Enable your business to move from compliance-based to performance-driven decision-making