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Your Journey to ERP Success


For any company, the decision to adopt a new ERP system is a huge step. But when implemented correctly, it can help improve business efficiency.


"SMEs spend £4.4bn chasing late payments every year."

Bacs Payment Schemes Ltd


Tackle late payments with these four invoice email templates

No business can afford to let the issue of collecting money owed slide, so a careful balance between getting paid and not jeopardizing future working relationships needs to be found.

BlackLine 7 Ways to Increase Trust in Accounting From Top to Bottom

7 Ways to Increase Trust in Accounting From Top to Bottom

Controllers must trust that accountants will consistently deliver a strong financial close, and CFOs must trust the numbers they’re given. A recent study by BlackLine revealed that the majority of CFOs do trust the numbers, but only 38% of finance professionals felt the same. And 69% thought that they, their CEO, or their CFO “made a significant business decision based on out-of-date or incorrect financial data.”

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Learn how your organisation can help accoutants at every level fulfill the need and drive to be consistent, reliable, and timely.

Embrace the new era of AP automation

Eliminate repetitive tasks and free up your cash flow by automating your processes.

Mercur 6 Critical Risks of Reporting in Spreadsheets (And How to Stop Them)

6 Critical Risks of Reporting in Spreadsheets (And How to Stop Them)

As the company grows, the spreadsheets get more complex and harder to manage. In this guide, discover 6 critical risks of reporting in spreadsheets and how you can prevent them.

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From human error to complex equations, formulas and macros, spreadsheets add risk to your reporting efforts and should be replaced by tools that:

  • Stop people from copying critical information incorrectly
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Are aligned with current business security and data-sharing needs

Moving forward in the new normal in wealth and asset management

In an environment where change is constant – and, at times, quite unpredictable and profound – how do we move forward productively?