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Report BASWARE 6 Things To Keep In Mind While Implementing e-Invoicing

6 Things To Keep In Mind While Implementing e-Invoicing

E-invoicing, also called electronic invoicing, electronic billing and e-billing, is structured invoice content transmitted electronically from Supplier to Buyer.

Electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) is no longer a trend – it’s the norm. Yet many companies are still managing paper and PDF invoices, requiring time-consuming, manual data input. With e-invoicing, data entry is automated and is easily accessible for the electronic processing of payments. Aside from its immediate impact to department-wide productivity and cost savings, the spread of e-invoicing surging across the globe brings with it a myriad of invoicing regulations, mandates, and compliance requirements. Download this ebook to learn the key considerations to ensure a successful transition from manual processes to paperless e-invoicing, including guidelines for building your business case.

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  • According to The e-invoicing journey 2019-2025, “Electronic and automated invoice processes can result in savings of 60–80% compared to traditional paperbased processing.”