Why It’s Important to Engage Customers on Social Media


Tiffany RoweMarketing Administrator at Seek Visbility

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are accessed on a daily basis by almost every demographic. Likes, comments and shares are how some find out the score of the big game, the latest news about storms in the southeast or even just a reminder of an old friend’s birthday. Everyone uses social media in some form, from kids in grade school to grandparents in nursing homes.

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Why It’s Important to Engage Customers on Social Media

And as they should, many businesses include social media content in their persona development and buyer’s journey creation process. Knowing what kind of photos, videos and stories your customers are interested in can help you form a sharing, posting and promoting calendar that encourages engagement.

If you’re not on social media, you practically don’t exist to a huge swath of the population!

Encourage customers to review their experiences

Very few people shop for anything anymore without reading reviews on the product itself or the company that vows to have the best of that specific product. Facebook reviews and other social media pages are some of the most-read hubs for reviews. Asking customers or even offering prizes and rewards for giving honest reviews on their buying process can help gain new business.

It’s not the end of the world if there’s an occasional negative review in the bunch. People want to know your company is real and honest — if they see nothing but five-star praise, that might raise a red flag. Negative reviews can also be used as constructive criticism that could help your team improve in areas so that it doesn’t happen again. Plus, the public nature of social media means you can respond to a negative review and turn the situation around for that customer, showing that you’re committed to every buyer’s happiness.

Show your customers you’re an expert in your industry

By sharing relevant content on your social media platforms, you’re on your way to proving your expertise in your industry. The important thing to remember is that timing can be everything. If you’re planning on having a huge sale on an upcoming product or service, try to circulate relevant content regarding that product and why customers would need it. This plants the seed of possibility with followers, who might in turn take a look at the product when it goes on sale. 

Increase the number of returning customers

Customer experience doesn’t just end after they’ve made a purchase. If you’re trying to up the number of returning customers, social media content can be a great way to re-engage past customers. Letting those who follow the account know about new services, promotions or sales might get them back to your site.

Returning customers might also engage with other users in the comments, speaking about their experience. They could even tag their friends who might be interested, lining you up for another sale. If customers see others happy with your products and services, they’ll realize you provide a consistent and high quality product or service.

Social media helps with ongoing customer experience

Making your customers feel like their opinions and thoughts still matter after they’ve purchased from you helps your company’s brand and ongoing awareness. If you’re able to put a strong effort into social media management, your customers will feel that ongoing presence and be more likely to deal with your company again.

Don’t get left in the dust in the old ways of customer experience tracking. Create, share and post creative, relevant content on your social platforms to engage past and future customers.

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