3 Tips for Creating a Successful Digital Signage Strategy


Chloe WardMarketing Executive for the Fortec Group

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Digital signage is a great investment for almost any business and while it offers all kinds of exciting (and cost-effective) possibilities, it’s up to each individual to make the most of them and that means having a customized digital-signage strategy.

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3 Tips for Creating a Successful Digital Signage Strategy

You can think of it as a map which will get you from your initial investment to the returns you want. Here, the team at Display Technology has three useful tips on how to create one:

1. Start from the end

Define your main goal and make sure that everything you do contributes to that goal. Even though we talk about starting at the end, your digital signage doesn’t have to be the end point of your sales process (although that would be a perfectly reasonable approach); you may prefer to integrate it into a longer sales and marketing pipeline.

For example, you may want to use your digital signage to encourage people to connect with you on social media and, ultimately, make more sales in the long term.

2. Choose the best location for your screen

There are two reasons why we would suggest picking a location for your screen before you start creating your content. The first is that it may influence the type of content you create and the second is that it will allow you to test your content where it’ll be shown and fine-tune it if necessary.

When choosing a location for your digital signage, we’d suggest that you start by looking at the practicalities (e.g. visibility, access to power and protection from accidental damage) and use these “hard” criteria to draw up a shortlist of possible locations. Then use your end goal to guide you towards the best option for your specific aim.

Remember that although your digital signage obviously needs to be visible in order to be effective, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in your highest-footfall location; you might be better to put it in a quieter spot where customers can take time out to enjoy it.

3. Create a content plan

While it may seem like a content plan might be limiting, creativity is only a benefit if it contributes to your end goal. Without a clear and well-thought-out content plan, you risk using your resources to create content which is of a high quality and does a good job of entertaining, informing and/or inspiring, but fails to progress you towards your end goal.

Having a content plan will also help you manage your budget effectively.  It’s fine to spend a bit more money on some forms of content and a bit less on others, but you want to avoid finding that you’ve blown your entire budget in the first quarter or getting into a situation where you’re so concerned about running out of budget that you under spend and achieve lower results.

Chloe Ward

Chloe Ward is a Marketing Executive for the Fortec Group and looks after the marketing for Display Technology, Display Solutions and the Components Bureau.


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