Make Your Marketing Stand Out with Gary Vaynerchuk’s Top Tips


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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

As one of the internet’s earliest adopters of social media, Gary Vaynerchuk has plenty of advice that savvy business owners can make use of. Here are some of his top tips.

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Make Your Marketing Stand Out with Gary Vaynerchuk’s Top Tips

Gary Vaynerchuk isn’t a household name like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, but there’s reason to believe he should be. After growing his family’s wine company from a $3 million business to one worth over $60 million, he founded a digital agency and became one of the foremost experts in online marketing. Forbes listed him as one of the top tech influencers of 2017, and he’s also a New York Times bestselling author.

As part of his success, Vaynerchuk has put a lot of effort into sharing his insights through public speaking and online videos. This means he’s come up with plenty of valuable tips that small businesses can use to succeed in the digital marketing sphere. Here are three of his best pieces of wisdom:

Embrace new platforms

Vaynerchuk isn’t the kind of person to stick stubbornly to a single social media platform. While Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have their strengths, new networks are emerging all the time and it’s important for marketers to be on top of them. For example, Vaynerchuk was one of the first entrepreneurs to embrace Snapchat.

Now, he’s pivoting more towards Twitch. The reasoning behind this is simple: a huge number of users are focusing their attention on Twitch, and Vaynerchuk says:

“I undoubtedly believe attention to be one of the most valuable assets in today’s world.”


One of the keys to capturing that attention is identifying where it’s going to turn to next.

Produce valuable content

Of course, another aspect of capturing people’s focus is to provide something worth paying attention to. This is the fundamental principle of content marketing, and it’s something Vaynerchuk feels passionately about, saying that in business

“you need to spend all your time and energy on creating something that actually brings value”.


So, how can you achieve this? One tip Vaynerchuk has is to respect your audience. If you can achieve this, you’ll find yourself being much better able to key into their needs and pain points. He also advises spreading content out in a reverse pyramid, with one major piece of work being split into several smaller pieces, then split up even more for social media.

Use data to augment your instincts

We all have a gut instinct we listen to from time to time. The challenge is usually avoiding it for the most part, as our instincts are irrational and not based on the logic of the world in which we operate. However, Vaynerchuk points out that you can train your gut to provide you with good insights by using data.

If you think about it, data can’t tell you what the future holds; it records the past. However, you can use it to inform your decisions. If you see users responding to a new social network in a similar way to the beginnings of Instagram, for example, you can use your understanding of customer behavior gathered from past data to decide whether or not to embrace it.

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