How to Effectively Utilize Print Marketing Internally and Externally

Friday, June 4, 2021

Print may seem outdated in our increasingly digital world, but this traditional marketing format can be engaging for both staff and customers post-COVID-19.

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How to Effectively Utilize Print Marketing Internally and Externally

Now that there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel of the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses are trying to nail their marketing strategies to get customers back onside and through their doors.

One of the best ways to do this effectively is through fool proof print marketing – a tried and tested method beloved by consumers and business owners across the globe. So what exactly can you do to ensure you’re utilizing print effectively?

That’s where we can help. In this article, we’ll discuss how to utilize print marketing both internally and externally, highlighting what you can do to not only keep your staff happy but bring more customers in at the same time as well.

Invest in office decor

While your focus may be to attract new customers, it’s important to market your business towards your own internal staff as well. After all, they’ll be the people vouching for your company and putting the hard graft in to get more customers in through your doors.

As such, it could be worth investing in a few print marketing materials to be put up in and around the office. From company-branded neon signs to large posters stating your business’ statistics and achievements, having these materials available in the workplace could help motivate and ultimately remind your staff what all their hard work and effort is for.

Plus, when it comes to showing any prospective clients or customers around your workplace, these signs and materials will help draw the eye and showcase the look, style and key messages you want to present. This in turn should improve your business’ profitability, greatly increasing your likelihood of success.

Create branded flyers, leaflets & business cards

Standing out as a business is all about networking, and the easiest way to do exactly that is by designing, printing and having a range of printed materials to use at your disposal.

Creating your own branded flyers, leaflets and business cards can, again, be a great way to market your business both internally and externally, seamlessly highlighting your brand’s values and achievements.

If, for example, you have a new prospective client coming in to visit your office, having these materials for them to read while they wait – or to hand over to them personally – will not only demonstrate your passion for what you do, but also help encourage them to come on board with you.

Similarly, when it comes to networking events and conferences, being able to pass out a well-designed business card will help set a lasting impression and ultimately encourage any interested clients you talk with to use your services in the future.

Think about your adverts

Now that the coronavirus lockdown restrictions are gradually being eased and lifted, consumers are finally returning to the high street to do their shopping.

As such, while your online marketing efforts will still be incredibly important, it could be worth investing a bit more time and money into how you advertise your business out in the wider world.

After all, word of mouth and print media in the form of magazines and newspaper adverts are still highly relevant in today’s society, despite the unprecedented rise of the internet over the years. It’s therefore important to try and be seen by consumers within the areas that they themselves are likely to utilize.

If you run a local music shop, for instance, placing adverts and posters up around nearby schools and bus stops could make a big difference to the clientele you’re likely to attract.

Final thoughts

The coronavirus pandemic may have forced much of your marketing efforts to go online, but now that there’s a semblance of normality being restored, it’s important to remember just how beneficial print marketing can be – both internally and externally.

Fortunately however, as the points listed above should now prove, utilizing print marketing in this manner can be relatively straightforward with the right knowhow.

As always though, the key thing to remember is how you communicate with your target audience – after all, you won’t really get anywhere if you fail to use marketing methods aimed towards their specific wants or needs.

Chester Avey


Chester Avey has over 10 years of experience in cybersecurity and business management. Since retiring he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience through his writing.



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