How to Take Your Business Communications to the Next Level with a Virtual Event


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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

In today’s accelerated digital landscape, a new bar has been set for business and corporate communications. Zoom fatigue has set in.

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Clunky online meetings for 100+ people just don’t cut it anymore, and firms are now planning for no physical events until 2022.

So what can you do to stand out and cut through the noise in order to get stakeholders to see value, and to capture the attention of target audiences?

1. A new approach to internal communications 

Adapting to remote working means that companies have had to be reactive. But getting internal communications ready for the ‘new normal’ requires a proactive approach, and businesses can quickly take back control with a short-term plan.

The key is to engage with different members of the workforce, and this can’t always be done with old-hat tricks such as webinars and intranet articles.

By adopting broadcast-quality virtual events, you can take your communication strategy to the next level, creating a compelling ‘meeting place’ or ‘hub’ for your audience, something that has been lost through the pandemic.

Embracing technology is essential for collaboration between teams, particularly departments that have historically operated in silos within the traditional company layout.

This makes communication platforms and virtual event tools vital to your bottom line. For important business strategy communications, such as internal conferences, Sales Kick Offs or product launches, there’s simply no room for error; you only get one shot at getting them right.

2. Customer and prospect communications

Likewise, CEOs and c-suite leaders no longer have the ability to ‘Walk the Halls’ either internally or at top clients. Equally, company or customer roadshows are just no longer feasible.

Virtual event platforms, delivered as a managed service, give firms the ability to get senior leaders out in front of small or large groups of customers, even when they are remote.

This means being able to deliver polished, high quality communications from the c-suite when reporting financial updates, rolling out new initiatives, or running a digital roadshow, no matter where teams are located. 

But not all virtual event platforms are created equal.

3. Stakeholder and partner channel communications

In addition to concerns with internal and customer communications, one problem further amplified by the pandemic is communications with business stakeholders, such as channel partners.

Challenges include getting partners to represent your value correctly, helping them sell your products effectively, and getting them to recommend your product over others when advising customers.

To strike the right balance of information, segmenting audiences is critical. Unclutter your channel partners’ inboxes by delivering tailored communications, and find ways to engage with them that don’t involve sifting through lengthy emails.

A professionally hosted virtual event can help you showcase the value you provide, as well as your products. Not only that, but online events help you get a channel partner’s undivided attention, giving you a chance to show how committed you are in forming seamless communications with them. A GDS and IFP survey of over 200 high-level executives and directors found that 60% saw sponsored virtual events as being highly effective in driving highly qualified leads.

Vendors can now immerse their partners in innovative, broadcast-standard events, and have them experience full studio production with interactive features, such as multi-dimensional keynotes and panels, live polls and interactive breakout sessions. All hosted by a professional presenter who acts as a master of ceremonies and ensures the event is truly engaging. The new benchmark events in virtual events is here.

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