Creating a Successful Digital Coupon: How to Get Clicks and Drive Sales


Marielle LeaContent Marketer at Siege Media

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Whether your brand sells paper clips or designer shoes, crafting marketing campaigns that boost your sales is the key to healthy profits. Part of your marketing campaign, especially for eCommerce sites, should include digital coupons and promotions.

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Creating a Successful Digital Coupon: How to Get Clicks and Drive Sales [Infographic]

The advantages of digital coupons

Coupons help brands build a base of loyal customers, drive traffic to their websites, and encourage sales. In fact, most coupon users (57%) wouldn’t make an initial purchase without a coupon to incentivize them. This makes it clear that coupons are a great tool for attracting new customers as well.

Attract new customers to your store

Discounts and promotions on top selling products is a solid method of encouraging new shoppers to try your offerings.

Encourage repeat shoppers

Consistent deals build customer loyalty –– most shoppers would only return to a company that offers coupons.

Advertise new products

Coupons are a great way to encourage your customer base to try new products.

Provide valuable consumer insights

Demographic data, purchase behavior, and even coupon design preferences can be tracked through the tracking code on digital coupons.

To help you create the perfect coupon, check out this infographic from Coupon Chief below:

Coupon Chief shares tips for creating a digital coupon that gets clicks

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