11 Tips on Picking the Right Idea for Your Infographic


Andre Oentoro Co-founder of Milkwhale and Founder of Breadnbeyond

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Infographics can be a valuable commodity for your content marketing strategy, but how do you pick the right idea? Here’s 11 tips on choosing the right idea so you can create a interesting and exciting infographic worthy of sharing.

Infographic 4 Minutes
11 Tips on Picking the Right Idea for Your Infographic [Infographic]

If you’ve been on platforms such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Facebook, you’ve probably seen infographics in your feed. Infographics have seen a significant growth in the past several years and it’s just the beginning.

Our brains process images faster than words because we’re visual beings. Infographics have the ability to convert long and complex data into snackable content by mixing a combination of visuals and text, making them pleasing to look at and easier to understand.

A study by Hubspot stated infographics are three times more likely to be shared than any other type of content, meaning they generate more backlinks and traffic. They’re also a great long-term investment for websites looking to increase traffic and generate leads.

Crafting an infographic takes more than interesting design and copywriting, it requires an interesting topic as well. However, coming up with ideas for potential topics take times, effort, and a lot of in-depth research.

Oftentimes, content creators rush the research process and end up creating a lackluster infographic. Without an interesting and relevant topic to bring readers in, it’s likely to be glossed over.

One thing you can start with is figuring out who your target market is. Knowing who the infographic is for makes the process of finding a topic much easier, allowing you to focus and create effective strategies for a specific audience.

For more tips about coming up with ideas for your infographic, check out the infographic below and the full visual guide here!

11 Tips on Picking the Right Idea for Your Infographic [Infographic]

Andre Oentoro

Andre Oentoro is one of the co-founders of Milkwhale, a creative agency specializing in infographics and the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He’s also the author of Viral Infographics, a guide to getting the most value out of your website’s traffic. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).


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