7 Email Optimization Hacks You Can Use Today


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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Email marketing is an underused art form but when optimized to its full potential, it can be a fantastic way to connect with your audience.

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7 Email Optimization Hacks You Can Use Today

Email marketing has a bad reputation in some circles. Not impressive enough for those who are attracted to the excitement of more flashy areas of marketing and not immersive enough for those brushing up on their data analytics, people often neglect email marketing campaigns.

But do so at your peril. Email marketing has a ton of benefits and could hold massive potential if you are able to utilize it in the right way.

Here are seven optimization hacks to make better use of your emails, and get truly impressive results for your business:

Use a real name

It may seem obvious but sending out generic emails from [email protected] isn't going to get people engaged in your content, especially if you're wanting to get the most from an email or content marketing campaign. Sending correspondence from your own work email makes it much more personal and gives the reader someone specific they can contact if they want to pursue anything further.

Don't rely on images

Images are a great way to engage people but they can often be a major pitfall in emails. A large proportion of people block images from downloading when they're sent, meaning that your well-thought out design could end up looking a mess. There are ways to get around this but it's still a wise strategy to plan emails assuming that any images used may not be seen.


It may seem crazy that we're still talking about the importance of mobile optimization in 2018, but many brands are still neglecting this key feature of email marketing campaigns. Use software that will automatically adapt your email to any screen size, ensuring your readers get the best experience possible.

Prioritize the subject line

Writing the right subject line for your email can have a massive impact on whether or not it'll be opened. Recipients are probably getting at least a dozen emails a day, more if you're contacting their business address, so you need to stand out. However, it's a delicate balance between being different and fresh and just downright annoying. Don't know where to get started? Read our list of impressive subject that get proven results to inspire you.

Send different emails to different personas

Sending the same email to all of your personas will make it look generic and is unlikely to guide users towards the CTA. Instead, research the differences between your key personas and tailor a variety of newsletters or contact emails to suit each demographic. This will give your emails a much better chance of success.

Create the perfect CTA

Much like the email content, the CTA needs to be bespoke for each persona you've identified. It's not just the wording or design that you need to think about but you also need to consider its placement and, of course, where it leads to. For something that is usually so brief, a lot of time can be consumed getting it right but the payoff will be significant once you find what works.

Make it easy to unsubscribe

No one likes spam and you won't get leads from people who simply aren't interested so make it clear how a recipient can unsubscribe or stop any future communications. You should also ensure that it's a simple and quick process.

Making it easy for people to stop getting emails may sound counterintuitive but it will optimize your email marketing, giving you a much higher chance of success with the emails you're sending out and allow you to invest your time in users that are likely to convert.

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