Email Marketing: 4 Reasons It Works


Karthik ReddyCommunity Manager at Website Builder

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Social media marketing may be the “in thing”, but email marketing continues its streak of success.

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Email Marketing: Four Reasons It Works [Infographic]

The Website Builder runs down the reasons email marketing keeps performing. Here are four standouts.

1. Customers want it

Because consumers tend to be cynical about marketing messages, you should sit up and take note when a channel is actually requested.

Studies show more than three-quarters of consumers prefer to get their marketing communications by email. Furthermore, over 90% of Americans say they want to receive promotional emails.

2. Targeted audience

Aiming for a specific audience through segmentation brings results.

First, segmented marketing emails yield open rates 39% higher and unsubscribe rates drop by 28%. In addition, deliverability improves by 24%.

Finally, segmentation results in 18 times the revenue provided by broadcast emails.

3. Customized options

Emails provide incredible flexibility. Marketers can customize their email messages and formats to maximize results.

In 2017, new trends in email marketing were showing their power. Interactive emails led the way at over 27%.

Newsletters were at the top of the most popular message types, followed by order follow-ups and inactive customer messages.

4. Personalized message

More and more brands are leveraging the power of information to personalize email marketing.

Open rates improve by nearly 15% when the customer’s first name is included in the subject line. Most noteworthy, any personalization of the subject line boosts the chance the email will be opened by 26%.

Overall, personalization increases click-through rates by 14% and conversions by 10%.

Knowing customer profiles can multiply the effect. Movie titles and song lyrics expanded open rates by 26%. And red links attracted 52% more click-throughs than blue links.

These are just a few of the facts which demonstrate email marketing’s continued power. Since email works so well, it should be part of every marketer’s arsenal.

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