4 Simple But Highly Effective Conversion Rate Boosters

Friday, February 11, 2022

Of all the digital marketing metrics ecommerce websites track, conversion rate remains the most important. After all, no amount of traffic can make up for a lack in paying customers. And if your bottom line isn’t sustainable, your business will quickly join the ranks of failed dreams.

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4 Simple But Highly Effective Conversion Rate Boosters

Let’s take a look at four ways to boost this all-important metric and ensure that the leads that land on your pages ultimately check out.

1. Use explainer videos

Whether you’re selling an extremely niche product or competing with a whole host of other online stores that are targeting the same audience segment, you want to help your shoppers make that transactional decision.

Sure, online shopping is simpler for consumers and requires less effort than venturing out into a brick-and-mortar store. But one major drawback of this approach is that you don’t get to see and feel the product you’re considering.

A great way to overcome this issue is to use explainer videos on your website. You can either incorporate them into your homepage and garner some interest right off the bat or feature them on your product and blog pages.

There are different types of explainer videos you can use. You can also choose the subject matter to match the needs of a specific audience segment. For instance, if your product is something not everyone is likely to be familiar with, you can significantly improve your conversion rates just by showcasing the best way to use it.

You can also:

  • Provide additional information about a product
  • Compare it with other similar products
  • Offer usage and product maintenance tips

Optimal Workshop has a great explainer video on their homepage. It shows visitors what the brand’s product can do and how it will help them grow their own business. It’s short and to the point, but it manages to cover all the main features and benefits nicely. Plus, it’s even vibrant and interesting to watch.

Optimal Workshop explainer video screenshot

Image source: Optimalworkshop.com

Biaggi uses a different type of explainer video to show users how best to use their packing cubes. This video dives deeper into the product’s value and helps leads determine whether the product will match their needs.

2. Generate urgency

Another great way to inspire more conversions is to generate a sense of urgency. If a visitor knows that an offer will only be available for a limited time, they are much more likely to make a purchasing decision faster.

Just think of the mad rush caused by Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. While you certainly don’t have to offer exceptionally large discounts, you can still capitalize on the exclusivity element.

Try to also limit the number of sales you do every year. If you offer a discount often, users will feel less drawn to it. If you only do it once or twice a year, you will achieve a much better effect. Mejuri only does one sale a year (for Cyber Monday), which makes it that much more impactful.

Mejuri 'only sale of the year' conversion rate booster example

Image source: Elle.com

Don’t forget that you also need to highlight the sale and its exclusivity across your pages. A floating bar is usually all you need. If you also add a countdown to it, the fear of missing out will be firmly embedded in your audience’s psyche.

Get Safe did a good job with their simple and straightforward urgency bar. It shows you both when the sale will end and how much you can save if you act now. It’s not too vibrant or too distracting, but it’s clearly visible and achieves its purpose.

GetSafe conversion rate booster using urgency

Image source: Getsafe.com

3. Create more trust

In order for your conversion rates to go up, you need to ensure that your audience trusts you. If they aren’t certain whether they want to make a purchase from you or work with you in the first place, you won’t stand a chance of converting them.

Now, there are several ways to establish trust between your brand and website visitors. We’ll highlight two of the most effective ones here.

Show your clients and customers

First, you can list the brands you’ve already worked with, which will provide a very clear trust signal. It highlights both the quality of your product or service and the fact that you are someone who can be trusted to deliver on their promises.

Affinda does this to great effect, featuring the logos of some of the most prominent brands they’ve worked with. Since the list is impressive, it’s guaranteed to overcome any conversion hesitation first-time visitors may have.

Affinda list of prominent brands they've worked with conversion rate booster

Image source: Affinda.com

But what if you haven’t worked with any major brands, and you only number small, unknown businesses among your clients? Just the same, add their logos to your homepage. They will send out the same trust signal, albeit not as strongly.

Use social proof

The other great way to generate more trust is to utilize social proof in the form of reviews, testimonials, or user-generated content. It operates on the same principle: if people see others have trusted you and benefited from the relationship, they are more likely to convert too.

US Fireplace Store does a great job of utilizing UGC. They feature user reviews with every product on their homepage, and they also allow users to upload their own photos of the brand’s products. This way, new customers can see different solutions and envision the product in their own homes.

US Fireplace Store using socal proof as a conversion rate booster

Image source: Usfireplacestore.com

4. Simplify the checkout process

Finally, you want to make checking out as simple as possible. You don’t want users to add items to their carts and abandon them because you are asking for too much information or because there are too many steps they need to take.

Something as simple as offering guest checkout can be enough to boost your conversion rate. While there are certainly benefits to registering an account, sometimes first-time shoppers will be hesitant to let you have access to their inboxes, and they won’t care about tracking their orders. Or they may just be in a hurry and have forgotten their password.

Even major brands see the benefits of guest checkout. Colourpop, for example, always gives you the option of checking out as a guest, as well as logging into your account or checking out quickly via PayPal.

Colourpop guest checkout option conversion rate booster

Image source: Colourpop.com

Final thoughts

Take these tips into account this year if you’re looking to boost your conversion rates. They may take a bit of time to implement, but they should pay handsome dividends in the long run.

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