A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Hyper-Relevant Customer Journeys


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Monday, August 16, 2021

How can you contextualize your customers and reap the benefits of a hyper-relevant customer journey?

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Hyper-Relevant Customer Journeys

Hyper-personalization is by definition the most advanced and in-depth way of discovering and tailoring to individual customer needs.

By creating unique and targeted experiences through data, analytics, AI, and automation, you can send highly contextualized communication to specific customers, allowing them to feel seen and valued.

As the competitive nature of marketing grows to a crescendo, hyper-personalized marketing provides a new avenue for organizations to explore, allowing them to engage with their customer base meaningfully and build new, stronger relationships.

This commitment to 'knowing' your customer not only boosts customer satisfaction, but also induces brand loyalty, increases their willingness to spend, and overall allows you to succeed in a cutthroat marketing environment.

What can hyper-personalized marketing achieve?

Hyper-personalization has proven success rates, with Harvard Business Review reporting that it can potentially lift sales by 10% or more when well-executed.

Hyper-personalization has many benefits, including maximizing potential revenue through data-driven content generation, detailed product targeting, and dynamic pricing methods.

It can also reduce running costs by reducing customer acquisition and retention costs while automating the general workflow. Most importantly, it can elevate and boost customer experience, with around-the-clock customer service tailored to the customer, real-time customer segmentation, and dynamic and unique landing pages and websites.

What does a hyper-personalized customer journey look like?

1. Custom advertising tailored to the consumer

Utilizing relevant products and customer information - think names, places, and faces. This approach is known to improve ROI and pulls data from a consumer's web usage, search inquiries, past products viewed, social media pages, and online activity to build an advert that appeals to them exclusively. This usually falls within pre-set parameters.

2. Unique landing pages

The ‘call-to-action' will be tailored to the individual, increasing click-through rates based on information such as where customers' values stand, previous visits and what they entailed, and geographic data.

3. Laser-focused recommendations

This is where products are dynamically populated to an individual customer on a webpage, app, or email. These recommendations are based upon data such as customer attributes, previous browsing behavior, or situational context—providing a unique shopping experience.

4. Dynamic pricing methods

Personalized dynamic pricing (PDP) sets prices for the same product/service across different customers with the aid of consumer-specific data such as IP addresses, purchase and browsing history, or other consumer-identifying characteristics.

5. Chatbots and AI utility

AI tech could be the future of customer conversations as it learns and progresses from customer behavior and delivering personalized services. The absorption of mass amounts of customer data allows them to provide a truly personalized approach.

6. Omnichannel presence

By facilitating omnichannel customer service through AI and various databases, you can connect customers from both brick and mortar and online channels, providing customers with a seamless shopping experience, no matter the platform.

7. Pre-population at every possibility

Saving your customers time by pre-populating forms, documents, applications, and processes with available customer data can increase the rate of follow-through interactions and ensure customer satisfaction.

8. Real-time updates, always

By allowing customers access to the status of product shipments, available promotions, and other opportunities such as refills or re-order processes based on their previous purchase history, you can increase the amount an individual spends with you and encourage repeat visits.

How can you achieve these goals?

Building hyper-relevant, constantly updating customer journeys can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Tools such as Acquia's Marketing Cloud can help you every step of the way.

This all-rounder package helps to streamline operations by unifying and sorting through the currently available data, helping your business determine essential aspects, and delivering experiences that help drive loyalty and engagement.

Reap the benefits of maintaining your omnichannel presence and orchestrating customer journeys across multiple touchpoints while simultaneously aiding scaling and brand consistency.

What makes Acquia's approach different?

Acquia understands the dangers of working in silos. Silos lead to the development of contrasting information pools that can cause a lack of synergy and a disjointed appearance across the platform. This is a problem that many organizations attempting to revamp their customer journeys face.

By avoiding silos, you can avoid the rising ‘bad data’ phenomenon, where customers are feeling targeted by the wrong information and consistently provide your customers with the best, hyper-specific opportunities available.

What can you do to help boost your relevance capabilities?

The modern-day mentality is all about data. The rapid consumption of information is something that everyone, from consumers to CEOs, partakes in. To get the best results, this data must be harnessed through AI.

It is wrong to assume that AI will fix all your problems - it’s only as good as the data it is fed; if this data is incorrect, out of date, or there are insufficient data pools, your AI will be misled, leading to incorrect personalization and unhappy customers.

To boost your relevance, you must determine what data is best to harvest, and Marketing Clouds like Acquia’s can help guide you through this process.

The perfect customer journey is just as unique as the individual. It is an experience that translates seamlessly across platforms and helps the customer at every step of the way, capturing data continuously and feeding it back into the system to provide them with an ever-evolving experience.

By utilizing the correct software and benefitting from the right tools, it has never been more simple to build the perfect, hyper-relevant customer journey, and make data work for you.

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