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Report Adido Automation in PPC: How to be Ready for 2020

Automation in PPC: How to be Ready for 2020

Automation in paid search is not something new. You can trawl the web and find articles dating back to 2015 on Google’s automated bidding strategies.

However, they’ve probably never been so prominent on the radar until now, because PPC professionals have favoured manual techniques, years of hands on experience and have preferred to take control of their campaigns. So, what’s changed? And why should marketers be more interested now?

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“Fundamentally, the role of the PPC manager is being reshaped by the waves of automation available to both platforms and advertisers. The PPC community has often pushed back on Google’s automation technology, claiming the new solutions don’t work, or that a human can still outperform a computer […] perhaps, this is a failure of the PPC manager not understanding how to train a machine correctly and giving up too quickly.” - Brad Geddes