Which One’s Better: SEO or PPC?


Zac HarrisDirector of SEO at SpyFu

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Before you pick between SEO and PPC, you need to understand one of the most important aspects of both; the amount of traffic they’re able to generate.

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Which One’s Better: SEO or PPC?

Let’s take a closer look at the ability of PPC and SEO to generate traffic and the benefits of combining them.

PPC or SEO: Generating traffic

SEO strategies help you drive more high-quality traffic to your website. They can help you gain the top position in the search engine results, generate more sales, and increase the ROI of your campaign.

On the other hand, as long as you invest your money in paid ads, it will help you drive traffic to your website. But that traffic will dry up the second you stop. Yet, PPC does enable you to increase the visibility of your brand.

As a result, it can help you attract your target audience to your website and encourage them to make a purchase.

However, at times, it’s difficult to gain a top ranking in search engines for a keyword with SEO. So, you can leverage PPC by paying for the top position and quickly secure a higher rank in SERPs.

An integrated approach

You can extract crucial insights from your PPC campaign and use them for an integrated approach. With the help of PPC and SEO, you can drive more traffic to your website and boost your conversion rate.

To learn more about an integrated approach, be sure to check out this infographic by SpyFu.

SpyFu discusses the differences between SEO and PPC and highlights the need for an integrated approach

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Zac Harris is the Director of SEO at SpyFu. He is passionate about scaling companies and testing all things SEO.


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