9 Underrated Link Building Tactics You Should Be Using


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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Organic traffic has always been one of the most treasured metrics for digital marketers. Perhaps it’s because reaching the top of the SERPs without resorting to paid advertisements or black hat techniques is such an accomplishment.

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9 Underrated Link Building Tactics You Should Be Using [Infographic]

There are many techniques digital marketers can employ to make their brand stand out, but none is more effective or preferred than link building. This practice entails promoting your business on another site by placing a link to your website there. It sounds simple, but the entire process is easier said than done and can take days or weeks to complete, depending on the site you’re working with.

Over the years, marketers have found and employed tried-and-tested methods to grow the number of their links. Such tactics have been utilized so much that every company in the business of link building may have used or are still currently using them, making the competition a little too aggressive.

If you’re looking for other link building tactics that can deliver results without the cutthroat competition, you can try out the following:


This entails securing a discussion with an industry expert and asking them questions based on what your readers are interested in learning. It’s an effective tactic because you can attract links from other sites, considering you’re getting the facts straight from the horse’s mouth.


Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a free service where journalists can connect with bloggers and industry experts. If you choose to help a reporter by being cited as the credible source for a story they’re writing, you’ll naturally earn links once the story is published.

Image reclamation

This involves finding sites that are using your images, logos, banners, infographics, and other design assets, and contacting them to ask for proper credit by linking to your website.

These are just a three of the underrated tactics that you can employ to help your site reach new heights, at least on the SERPs. Learn more techniques by reading the infographic below:

Underrated link building tactics include interviews, HARO, and image reclamation and more

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