Boost Your 2022 SEO Strategy with Voice Search


Mansi RanaManaging Director of EZ Rankings

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

As we move towards hyper digitization, the internet is shifting towards voice search. Here are some ideas on how to optimize your website for this feature.

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Boost Your 2022 SEO Strategy with Voice Search

Google is already making it easier for users to find the information they need through their popular search engine by integrating voice commands into users' results. To get ahead of this trend, website owners need to take the right steps in order to benefit from voice search.

Here are some helpful tips on how you can make your website more accessible for users who utilize voice search:

1. Improve domain authority

To get ahead of the curve, you first need to improve your domain authority. The domain authority, or DA, is a score from 0 to 100 that represents the strength of your website's presence on the internet. This number determines how well your site will rank for voice search results. Improving this measure must be a priority if you want to gain more visibility and traffic.

The higher DA your website has, the higher the website will rank on organic positions. With high DA, you can expect to rank higher and take advantage of stronger web traffic. The best way to boost your website's domain authority is to build high-quality and high DA backlinks. This will help you boost DA even if your website is new in the industry.

2. Optimize the content structure

Another important thing you need to focus on is the content structure, which should be simple and readable. Have your keywords at the beginning of the content. If you want to make it visually appealing, make use of headings and bullet points.

When searching for something with voice search, site visitors are looking for quick bits of information. They don't have time to read entire articles, so they just scan through them quickly. With that in mind, the content should be brief and direct. Use appropriate headings tags, optimize the content for speed and leave out any unnecessary information. This will help you improve the website for voice search. Do a quick competitive research to check how other websites are optimizing their content for voice search.

3. Make your site responsive

Another thing you need to consider is how well the site performs on mobile phones. People are always looking for information when they're on the go, so if your website isn’t optimized for users who access it through their smartphones, you’ll lose visitors. Having a voice-enabled website can be beneficial because more and more people have smartphones and they won't have to download anything in order to use your site. This, in turn, will increase the number of mobile visitors.

When creating a responsive website for voice search, you need to focus on speed first. The page loading time should be as low as possible because nobody has time to wait forever before getting what they want. You also need to make sure that the images aren’t large, as this will affect the page speed and overall user experience.

4. Create an FAQ section

To win the voice search game, you have to optimize the pages with FAQs. If you have frequently asked questions, this will help your visitors better understand your services and products. Take advantage of this by creating a separate FAQ section where you can share the most common questions that are usually asked about your business or industry.

That way, you can improve traffic coming from voice search queries because people will be able to find quick answers without having to go through each page on your website. With this information easily available, more people will be encouraged to make conversions which are good for any business. It's the easiest way to optimize your website for voice search. In addition, there are high chances of ranking for featured snippets.

5. Focus on local SEO

Finally, you should look to improve your local SEO. With voice search, people are more willing to buy and order online in their local area. If this applies to you and you want to benefit from this feature, it's important that your location is given priority in the SERPs

With proper keywords research and site structure, you can rank higher on local searches and attract clicks for nearby micro-locations. When optimizing your website for voice search, make sure that users can find your business when they perform a specific city or state search.  

Wrapping up

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to boost your 2022 SEO strategy with voice search. Thanks to Google's latest technology updates, there won't be a need to type long phrases into a search bar. With voice-enabled devices, your customers will be able to get a faster and more satisfying experience compared to regular text queries.

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