Why You Should Focus On Customer Service and Brand Image


Georgie WhiteCopywriter at Mediaworks

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Customer service and brand image can have a big impact on whether a business succeeds or not. It’s vital for business to understand how these two elements influence their consumers and how they can win over customers.

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Why You Should Focus On Customer Service and Brand

Brand perception has never been so important. And brand awareness is one of the most significant factors that contribute to business success. You want to make a great first impression that so it’s important to create a strategy around how consumers see you.

By having an internal focus across your company, whether this is by investing in personalized uniforms or intensifying the training courses for your employees, there are many ways that you can enhance the customer experience to drive remarkable results and thus support your brand image.

Together with business wear company, Dimensions, we take a look at what businesses across all sectors can do to improve their customer service and boost their brand image in a bid to reap financial benefits. From retail to hospitality, there’s always room for improvement regarding both your own staff and customer retention.

What does the customer think?

One study has shown that 76% of adults in Britain have said that a positive customer experience is more important than the actual product they’re interested in purchasing. And, in America, more than half of Americans have cancelled a planned purchase or transaction because of bad service!

Although you should also be prioritizing the quality of your products (to reduce returns and negative reviews), you should also be constantly reviewing your current customer service methods and continually thinking of ways you can improve your overall service.

Understandably, it’s crucial that companies consistently think of how they can improve their service. Apparently, 80% of businesses already believe that they deliver a superior service to their consumers – but only 8% of shoppers actually agree with this statement. And the revenue figures support this; U.S. companies lose more than $75 billion annually due to poor customer service.

How can businesses create a positive brand image and great customer service?

As many of us are aware, it’s crucial that a business makes a good first impression. 48% of consumers have stated they are likely to become more loyal after their first purchase, but only if the service is good. And if you’re looking to increase your consumer acquisition rates, this is a good avenue to go down. 84% of people make a purchase because of a referral; so if your first impression is worthwhile, it could lead to additional business further down the line. However, be aware that word of mouth can also have a negative impact too; Americans tell an average of 15 people about poor service but only 11 about good service.

What can you do to ensure your customer service stands out from the rest?

Do you need a uniform?

Something that businesses may not value is uniform, but it is important. You need to ensure that your employees are identifiable to customers and this can only be achieved by designing a uniform that stands out; while catering to each type of individual that works for you. For example, considering different types of religious dress etc.

Having a uniform means that you will spend less time monitoring what employees are wearing day-to-day which could otherwise become extremely costly. Uniforms also represent your business – so you need to design them in such a way that your employees are comfortable and happy to wear it.

Invest in developing employee skills

Companies should also be developing the skills of their employees to ensure that they deliver the best customer service possible. This should include upskilling in how they interact with consumers in a variety of different scenarios and how they can offer the most efficient service possible to show that you’re a reputable brand.

Georgie White

Georgie White is a copywriter at a digital marketing agency in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. After completing his traineeship at the National Youth Film Academy and finishing his studies in Creative Media Production, Georgie transitioned to Mediaworks in August 2017 where he uses his creative flare to write unique content for a range of clients from all different industries.


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