Want to Stay Competitive? Customer Need is Key


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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

In today’s market, it’s crucial for companies to keep up not just with their competitors but with their own customers. Individuals are digitally transforming faster than organizations, and customer expectations are becoming increasingly fluid.

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Want to Stay Competitive? Customer Need is Key

The key to business growth is customer experience, and companies have realized that customer experience should be their primary metric and area of investment. As a result, organizations are needing to rethink their digital transformation strategy to ensure they’re delivering the ultimate omnichannel experience that meets the needs of the customer wherever they may be.

Monolithic solutions aren’t flexible and lack standardization. What’s more, they could even be hindering business growth and innovation, causing longer term issues. Therefore, organizations need to rethink their infrastructure to determine the best way to futureproof their strategy and work with a partner who can help them combine services and products to create a unique tech stack according to their needs. With the emergence of MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-Native, and Headless) architecture, it’s possible to see the core values of speed, flexibility and agility, and it’s this best-of-breed technology that provides support and consistency as companies move towards decentralized systems.

By 2023, organizations that have adopted a Composable Commerce approach will outpace the competition by 80% in the speed of new feature implementation. - Gartner Research: Composable Commerce Must Be Adopted for the Future of Applications

How do you stay competitive?

As you embrace digital transformation, it’s time to establish whether your current architecture is working for you. For many, they know they need to shift but don’t know how and while tech is an enabler, it’s hard to determine how you go about this transformation. Essentially, it’s all about helping your business gain a competitive edge and become more agile.

It’s not enough to embark on a digital transformation journey and expect things to fall into place. You need to switch up your thinking and instigate organizational transformation to break down silos and support the wider business needs. 

A composable architecture such as MACH can help to embody the core business strategy but to do so, it needs company-wise support and buy-in. While MACH architecture was established to address the disconnect between systems and customer experiences, it continues to transform the ability to make changes and adopt the latest innovations without disrupting the whole ecosystem.

Focus on high functioning architecture

It’s a challenge for companies to provide a fluid customer experience. Therefore, you need an infrastructure that can meet complex customer demands, help you achieve business objectives and give the ability to adapt and respond to future changes. 

A modular architecture allows replatforming on your existing system without disruption and large expense, and supports integrations between different solutions and systems. You can upgrade, downgrade, scale and swap microservices seamlessly, ensuring you have the greatest agility in times of change.

Customize your commerce system

Businesses need to meet customer demands in order to stay competitive in the forever-changing marketplace, and they need an infrastructure that can support this. Often, this means tailoring applications and offerings in order to deliver and capitalize on customer needs. 

With MACH architecture, customization is easy. Selecting the microservices that meet your needs means you can build a truly custom commerce system that achieves your specific business goals without wasting resource on additional features or limitations that are irrelevant to your operations.

High potential for optimization

A cloud-native approach provides unparalleled agility, scalability and reliability in being able to deliver services, maximize up-time and reduce potential revenue losses.

This freedom to innovate and design engaging customer experiences creates a high potential for optimization where organizations can make incremental dynamic changes without the need to deploy and re-deploy.

Meet customer demand with an omnichannel experience

Businesses can offer a great experience to their customers but to do so, they need to offer a connected, omnichannel experience. Scalability is only part of this. While it’s important to be able to have the agility to scale and pivot your offering, it needs to be delivered in a seamless customer journey across multiple devices. To achieve this, organizations need to embrace a headless approach that decouples services into smaller applications to be deployed independently. Not only can this help to drive revenue growth by introducing new business models such as additional sales channels, but the flexibility to build something custom will make all the difference.

Progress with collaborative work

Many companies are adopting a composable architecture s because it enables teams to work collaboratively and progress more quickly. The interdisciplinary groups of operations, product, development and marketing can work in collaboration more efficiently to create customized services that meet the organization’s needs. This results in better innovation and allows employees to drive growth and a better ROI in an environment that’s responsive to customer needs.

How do you become agile?

Business agility is one of the most valuable business features, especially during times of uncertainty such as the COVID-19 pandemic and a key reason as to why organizations are moving away from monolithic systems. With the implementation of a MACH architecture, businesses can leverage its ability to scale individual services independently according to need, integrate data between applications in a more seamless manner and decouple the front- and back-end without disrupting operations. This type of agile commerce ecosystem enables fast responses to the rapidly changing expectations of customers across different platforms. 

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