How App Retention is Like Dating


Kevin KarnesDirector of Marketing at CleverTap

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Creating a mobile app can be an incredible addition to the customer experience, but if you’re not retaining users, your investment is likely being wasted. Improving user retention for your app isn’t as hard as you think, it’s just like dating.

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How App Retention is Like Dating

App retention is important for a successful mobile marketing campaign.

User acquisition is important to get people to your app, but a solid app retention strategy is even more important if you want to get those users to stay and engage with your app.

There were 178 billion annual app downloads in 2017, however, apps lose nearly 90% of daily active users 30 days after an app is downloaded. This drop-off can be attributed to a handful of things like limited storage space and short attention-spans.

It can seem like an uphill battle, but a few fixes can get your app retention rate back on track.

CleverTap’s infographic looks at key app retention statistics and how you can use these to improve your app retention cycle.

Really, app retention is actually no different from dating and getting engaged; make a good first impression and tend to your relationship with your users so you can get them to say “yes!” and keep them happy.

For example, since 66% of users feel like they can do the same things on a mobile site as a mobile app, you should make sure you create a unique and valuable experience on the app to impress your users and to make your app even more useful for their needs.

Take a look below to see what tips you can use to strengthen your overall mobile marketing strategy.

 Tips for strengthening your mobile marketing strategy from CleverTap

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