10 Important Lessons from the Biggest Names in Construction


Lior Zitzman Director of Digital Audience at BigRentz

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Even those professionals with careers in the most specialized industries know there are lessons to be learned from every job, no matter how unrelated it might seem.

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10 Important Lessons from the Biggest Names in Construction

And while an industry like construction might not appear very relatable to someone who works in finance or marketing, those few who managed to build their construction businesses into empires undoubtedly used skills from the full breadth of professions in order to get there.

This infographic collects the best business advice from 10 of the most famous construction tycoons from all over the world. From Cornelius Vanderbilt in New York City to Biddy Mason in Los Angeles, from “the woman who built Beijing” to the Spanish civil engineer most famous for his soccer team — these magnates all have the same industry in common, but their lives and the lessons they impart couldn’t be more diverse. Whether you’re entry-level or building an empire, these quotes contain advice for wise professionals in any career.

What business lessons can you learn from the biggest construction tycoons?

Lior Zitzman

Lior Zitzman is the Director of Digital Audience at BigRentz, a construction equipment rentals marketplace with a network of over 1,500 rental partners. He has more than 15 years of experience in enterprise-level SEO at automotive publishing and equipment companies.


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