Suspects vs Prospects: Which One Are They? [Infographic]


Garret NorrisFounder and CEO of Healthy Business Builder and Business Coaches Sydney

Friday, August 24, 2018

When it comes to identifying potential customers, it’s important to be able to tell the difference between a suspect and a prospect. But what are the telltale signs?

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Suspects vs Prospects: Which One Are They? [Infogr

In this day and age where technology is deeply integrated into the fabric of the sales industry, it is easy to think that sales professionals are already having the time of their life. With sales platforms that can even be deployed on smartphones, many people think that the job of salespeople these days have become much easier. But while there is some truth to it, the opposite can still be said in certain sales activities – such as when identifying if someone is a prospect or a suspect.

Measuring and identifying the real value of someone who engaged in a business can be a real challenge, especially if the sales representative don’t have the proper sales training on how to differentiate a prospect from a suspect. Defining these two categories is crucial to the overall efficiency and success of a sales organization. Fortunately, there are common tell-tale signs which sales professionals can easily familiarize themselves on.

From their willingness to share their personal information and being receptive when they are being exposed to the pros and cons of the product, there are certain indicators that sales representatives can use to separate prospects from suspects. To learn more about these signals, check out this infographic from Kona.

Suspects vs Prospects: Which One Are They? [Infographic]

Garret Norris

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