Networked Job Management: What it Means for the Workplace


Gerry SoCFO and Co-founder of Okappy

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

With networked job management becoming a key element of successful project management, what does this mean for the future workplace and how could it impact business?

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Networked Job Management: What it Means for the Wo

Many employees and employers in the workplace are nervous of embracing technology. We now live in a society where two-thirds of small businesses would struggle to survive without wireless technology. Overall, business culture is changing as forward thinking businesses are adopting collaborative strategies. Networked job management is now essential in our digital age and adopting new ways of working should be a focus.

Improving digital strategies

Looking at the growth rate of tech giants, such as Facebook and Google, has led many digital experts to conclude that networks are essential for a successful outcome. The viral growth experienced from making connections both on social networks and through online marketplaces is what has made these businesses successful. But what are the key things to consider when thinking about incorporating a networked approach to business?

  1. Set objectives - Be critical and realistic about your desired outcomes. What do you want to achieve from using a new networked system? Consider how and why it will help your business develop and what the key aims of using this technology should be.
  2. Do your research - Don’t let a lack of knowledge steer you in other directions - find out what technologies will work best for you specifically. Planning is key when it comes to utilizing and benefiting from technology.
  3. Test and trial - Don’t jump into implementing a new system into the workplace unless you have thoroughly tested how it will be used. Do not try to incorporate technology that overcomplicates the task.

Tom Koulopoulos CEO of the Delphi group recognizes that:

While technology may move forward incrementally, people don't… until there's an overwhelmingly compelling reason to change and a much simpler alternative.


You must embrace the incremental changes as to not fall behind other companies when building networks and new technologies into your business.

Exploring market networks

The term ‘market networks’ means combining the best elements of a social network such as Facebook with a digital marketplace such as eBay. Capitalizing on the social and commercial aspects of these types of applications is how market networks and cloud based software can push your company forward. Market networks take often pre-existing social and commercial connections and move them into the digital sphere, therefore simplifying the contraction and connection process for customers. And many businesses are embracing these types of technology. Now 92% of small businesses use cloud-based software which can decrease their workload by up to 42%.

James Currier writes that:

Moving these connections and transactions into software, market-networks make it significantly easier for professionals to operate their businesses and clients to get better service.


Therefore, when researching network software that could aid your business; think about how this will change your customer services and what improvements you and your customers are looking for.

Reducing admin and increasing results

So how can networked job management specifically improve your outcomes?

Builds connections

Networked job management applications, for example Okappy, connects your contractors and subcontractors directly with workers out in the field.


Simple to use and straightforward software creates regular contact between workers and contractors; streamlining the admin process.

Better communication

Encouraging communication and connectivity also means that a networked approach promotes a positive team attitude with a focus on collaboration.

Digital paperwork

Reducing and digitizing paperwork can also help to speed up the payment and invoicing process.


It is often possible to incorporate other software such as Xero to manage bookkeeping, therefore easing cash flow.

Moving forward with digital technology

Embracing new digital models of working such as a market network is key to success in our technological era. Market networks can reap many benefits for your business including:

  • Saving time and increasing efficiency in your company.
  • Reducing overheads and improving general cash flow.
  • Upskilling your workers and freeing up their time for R&D.

Utilize tech that works for the outcomes you need to move forward in the digital era. Networked job management software can revolutionize the way that you run your business. This is something that managers need to realize in order to transform their businesses for the better. Embrace a networked approach and see how it reaps benefits throughout your industry.

Gerry So

I believe business can be a force for good, but all too often work ends up being painful as companies are overloaded with admin, paperwork and masses of emails. My mission is to improve the working lives of construction companies, giving them complete control of every job every step of the way and have some fun!


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