10 Most Common Mistakes in Project Management [Infographic]

Sophie Hawkins

Sophie HawkinsContent Marketer at Zoe Talent Solutions

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Being humans, we are prone to making errors more often than we want to. All because a multitude of stimuli and situations affect our conscious and sub-conscious mind.


Not all mistakes are the same however, and while some can be rectified easily, others can have a long lasting effects. This can be quite disastrous when linked to managing projects.

Although all projects bring their own set of challenges, which need to be dealt with in a unique way, there are some errors and mistakes that are quite common.

This infographic looks at the most common mistakes to help you avoid the same errors in the future.

10 Common Project Management Mistakes

Author: Sophie Hawkins is a content marketer, and is currently overlooking the creation and publication of content at Zoe Talent Solutions, supported by an excellent team of writers and designers.


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