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Report Crown Commercial Service Disaggregation: A Guide to Exiting Complex IT Contracts

Disaggregation: A Guide to Exiting Complex IT Contracts and Bundling Services

Disaggregation can be complicated and can introduce technical, process and commercial integration risks. This guide can help...

Over the past decade, many local authorities entered into large outsourced contracts that provided a range of IT services. These contracts were seen as good value, providing a collection of services with just one supplier to manage. However, the needs of these local authorities have changed, making these contracts restrictive in the evolving technology market. The current government policy advises disaggregation, whereby location authorities unbundle services into smaller, ‘fit for purpose’ contracts - but this can come with complicated challenges and daunting risks.

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This guide covers:

  • Where to start: Exiting a large single vendor contract
  • Critical tasks and typical timescales for contract exit and transition
  • Disaggregation- 3 key areas to consider