12 Things Outstanding Managers Do to Motivate Their Team Each Day


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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Keeping your team motivated isn't easy but there are plenty of things you can do to engage and encourage them every day.

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12 Things Outstanding Managers Do to Motivate Thei

For managers, one of the hardest things about running a team is keeping them motivated to do their best through thick and thin. Of course, this is easier at certain times of the year than others, but for a business to achieve its objectives, it's important that employees remain as motivated as possible all the time.

Here are 12 simple things outstanding managers do each day to keep their team on top:

1. They lead by example

Everyone has bad days, it's only natural, but outstanding managers are able to stop any negativity spreading into the workplace. Of course, you can be grumpy but don't let this seep into bad mouthing the company, turning up late or being impatient with co-workers. These small things all add up into setting a positive example for the rest of the team.

2. They get involved

There's a big difference between involvement and interference but strong managers are able to provide support where it's needed without being overbearing. Often, this is just about making yourself available to colleagues and offering advice when it's needed but is a key part of being an effective manager.

3. They understand the team

Getting the most from your team is more than just telling them what to do and when, it's about understanding their different strengths and weaknesses. The best managers are able to pre-empt situations before they arise and judge the most appropriate course of action for the team as a whole.

4. They earn respect

Bad managers expect their subordinates to respect them automatically, while good ones understand that any meaningful respect is earned. This isn't done overnight but is achieved through daily, consistent actions.

5. They trust

Motivating employees is all about giving them the autonomy and freedom they need to fulfill their potential. This means trusting them to make the right decisions but offering them support and guidance when they don't know the answers.

6. They offer solutions, not problems

Appraisals are a key part of any managerial role but too many leaders present employees with problems that need to be solved, without offering any solutions. Outstanding managers do the exact opposite and give people all the tools they need to succeed.

7. They're personal

Good managers will make a concerted effort to get to know their team. It's something incredibly simple but can have a massive impact on how people view you as a leader.

8. They don't assume

You may feel as though you know your team better than they know themselves but good managers never assume. If you want to know what drives and motivates individuals, ask them. This is exactly what one-to-one meetings are for and is an integral part of being an effective leader.

9. They're engaged

Outstanding managers care about the role they're in and the company they work for. You need to be passionate about the business objectives to motivate those around you.

10. They're not afraid of failure

Bad managers fear any kind of failure because they think it reflects on their abilities as a leader. This is your own insecurity and shouldn't be passed onto your team. People struggle and make mistakes and managers need to create a working environment where it's okay to acknowledge this. This means the problem is much easier to resolve and your team will respect you more.

11. They listen

Part of establishing trust between you and your team is by listening to employees when they offer you advice or problems. Managers should be able to initiate a meaningful dialogue with their team to get to the heart of any problem. It may be that the coffee machine is broken or that another department isn't valuing their time but it's important that managers are able to listen to employees' needs and find a solution.

12. They're motivated

The best thing you can do to motivate your team is to be motivated yourself. Outstanding managers should inspire those they work with, especially their team, so make sure you have goals and objectives set out for yourself.

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