The Science-Backed Benefits of Taking Your Work Outside [Infographic]


Tony Huynh Content Creator and digital Marketer at Siege Media

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The majority of workers spend all day sat inside at a desk. But could there be hidden benefits of taking your work outside? Here’s what science says.

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The Science-Backed Benefits of Taking Your Work Ou

According to a study from BMC Research Notes, the average employee spends 70% of their day seated indoors. Sitting at a desk job has many health consequences, from increasing your risk for heart disease to exposing you to more bacteria and pollutants.

While measures like standing desks can help, human beings are designed to move around and immerse ourselves in nature. Taking your work outdoors can provide changes in the air, temperature, and scenery that our bodies need to combat the stagnant environment of the office. Studies have shown working among trees, natural light, and outdoor air can improve your wellbeing, creativity, and productivity.

Companies like Google see the benefits of outdoor work and have incorporated nature and green elements into their office environments. While this may not be practical for every company, initiatives such as outdoor lunches, walking meetings, and occasional outdoor workspaces are proven to increase employee output.

If companies want to create a productive environment, they will need to consider the value of outdoor work. To illustrate, BigRentz covers 17 benefits of taking your work outdoors, as backed by science. From strengthening your memory to aiding your sleep, the infographic below lists the impacts on your work performance.

The Science-Backed Benefits of Taking Your Work Outside [Infographic]

Tony Huynh

Tony Huynh is a content creator and digital marketer who helped BigRentz design this infographic. He is a Communication major from UC San Diego with a background in photography and design.


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