How Remote Workers Can Make the Most of Travel with Workcations

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

A workcation gives remote workers an opportunity to balance their working hours and time off. But how do you make the most of it?

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How Remote Workers Can Make the Most of Travel with Workcations

There’s no denying that remote working is here to stay for a large number of companies and workers. With nearly 16% of companies globally operating with a fully remote workforce, employees and their managers have learned how to adapt to a more flexible, autonomous work environment.

That’s where workcations come in. The clever marriage of work and vacations are becoming increasingly popular. Why would you waste your precious paid time off on weekend getaways where you can work? Instead, you can save those days for international trips and family vacations where you can give everybody 100% of your time.

How to know if you can take a workation

Unfortunately, workcations aren’t available for everybody to take advantage of. If you work in a traditional office setting, a workcation isn’t the right option for you. If your boss wants to keep the company’s work on dedicated computers within the office, you’ll be restricted to a traditional vacation.

Here are some factors that qualify remote workers for workcations:

  • Your workcation destination has reliable internet.
  • You’re able to focus on work while you travel.
  • Your vacation days can be better spent in the future.
  • Your company offers flexible or unlimited PTO for travel days.
  • You can manage your work stress on vacation.

If everything listed above is achievable, then a workcation is possible.

Set yourself a daily routine

Just like a normal workday, you need to set daily routines to keep yourself ahead of tasks as you travel. It’s important to set an alarm and wake up at the same time every day — even though sleeping in on vacation sounds nice. A set routine is great for your mental health and self-care.

Also, make sure your hotel or rental property has a dedicated workspace so you aren’t hunched over your laptop in bed. Create routines by cultivating a morning gym session, or adapting your exercise routine to your location. Run along the beach to soak up the sun before heading to work.

Remember to schedule some free time

A workcation isn’t all about working…there’s a reason why “cation” is attached. Remember that you need to have a work-life balance. Do this by closing your laptop at a dedicated time every single day when you’re done with the working day. Make yourself nearly unreachable to your coworkers so you can enjoy the vacation.

Whether you’re doing a one-time visit or spending time at a second home, keep your professional and personal lives balanced while saving yourself PTO and hitting incredible travel destinations.

Workcations infographic highlights how to combine work and vacation

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