How to Declutter Your Digital Space


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Friday, September 24, 2021

Having an organized work space can be very beneficial for your productivity, especially when working from home. However, when we think of clutter, your digital space doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Having devices filled with emails, apps and files not only impacts your work and productivity but also puts your information at risk.

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How to Declutter Your Digital Space

Whether you have full storage, a desktop with files floating around or lots of unread emails, a messy digital space can slow down your devices and make you less productive.

If you’re looking to achieve digital minimalism and boost productivity, make sure you follow these tips below to deal with digital clutter:

Declutter your desktop

Since many devices now have increased storage, it's very common to start accumulating files on your desktop and lose track of them. In order to make decluttering your desktop easier, think of it as organizing your garage, sort through your files and apps, and remove any you no longer need. And then organize them into folders, such as documents, photos and work.

Organize your phone

Your phone is one of the best tools to communicate with friends and family and keep your memories, so it’s easy to start accumulating files you don't need anymore. To organize your phone, start by backing it up and freeing up storage space. On top of this, go through your apps, remove the ones you no longer need and delete any screenshots and photos that take up space.

Purge your email

Opening your email to a full inbox and spam emails is never enjoyable. Purging your email will make sure you don't miss important messages. A great tip is to create an email account dedicated to emails you want to see but don’t need to reply or check often. Adding labels to categorize your emails, such as “urgent” and “follow up”, will help you keep track of important things that need to be addressed.

Decluttering your digital space is very helpful for your productivity and safety, but keeping it organized can be hard. To stay on track of your newly organized devices, schedule monthly digital decluttering sections. Also, make sure to delete any unused apps and files regularly, and add files to a specific folder when downloading them.

Are you ready to have your devices decluttered and increase your productivity? Check out The Zebra’s infographic below:

The Zebra provide tips for reducing digital clutter

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