How to Stay Active When You Work A Desk Job [Infographic]


Derek EastwoodBusiness Development Manager at Hussey Fraser Solicitors

Friday, November 16, 2018

Inactive lifestyles can be dangerous for our health. But it gets more difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle when you spend all day, every day sat at a desk. So how can you stay active when you work a desk job?

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How to Stay Active When You Work A Desk Job [Infog

Did you know that some office workers spend more time sitting down than the very oldest pensioners? The number of sedentary jobs has skyrocketed by 83% since 1950 and this is taking a serious toll on the health of today’s employees.

Health experts argue that “sitting is the new smoking” and have found links between the prolonged sitting associated with inactive desk jobs and a wide range of health problems such as diabetes, depression and high blood pressure. In fact, the World Health Organisation estimates that physical inactivity is the 4th biggest killer of the modern world.

So how can you fit more physical activity into your average working day? This infographic from Hussey Fraser Injury Solicitors offers practical pointers for desk-bound workers on how to stay active throughout the working day.  

One good tip is to ditch the desk for a more physically-demanding alternative such as a standing desk, exercise ball or treadmill desk. If that is not an option, why not try taking your meetings on the move or incorporating a walk into your lunchtime regime? In addition to moving more at work, it is also important to get enough exercise throughout the week.

Read the infographic below for more information. 

How to Stay Active When You Work A Desk Job [Infographic]

Derek Eastwood

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