6 Effective Ways to Keep the Younger Generations Productive


Jomel AlosOnline PR Specialist for Spiralytics

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Today, the workplace is more diverse than ever with members of different generations coming together to form a dynamic work environment. In most office settings, you can find millennial employees working for baby boomer bosses that are old enough to be their parents, in and amongst hordes of Gen Z employees that make the workplace feel like a university campus.

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6 Effective Ways to Keep the Younger Generations Productive

It’s unfortunate that the media, content, and gossip we consume daily paints younger employees in a negative light. They’re labeled as lazy, entitled, and self-centered. But over time, employers will find that most of them bring a wide array of talents and skills to the table.

As the number of Millennials and Gen Z employees entering the workplace continues to rise, this is an indication that employers should reassess their methods when it comes to optimizing their performance.

Motivating your younger employees and keeping burnout at bay starts with getting to know them better:

  • What makes them tick?
  • How can help them manage stress?
  • What do they value in your company?

Instead of relying on false assumptions and stereotypes, establishing a good working relationship will allow you to find the right buttons to push. Spending more time with them and keeping up with what’s trending in their social circles are some ways that you can be more than just a “cool” leader they look up to.

With the right treatment and training over time, your young employees will catch up to the level of competency of your more tenured employees. To boost your company’s productivity, make an effort to reevaluate your leadership style and your current company culture to help make the necessary adjustments.

Check out this infographic for a more detailed guide on how to keep millennials and Gen Z productive.

This infographic shares best practices to keep millennials and Gen Z productive

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