8 Benefits of Continued Professional Education [Infographic]


Mohamed MarkarFounder and President of The Center for Professional Education, Inc.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Continued professional development within an organization is fast becoming a sort after benefit, with many employees recognising the value of being able to progress in their career. But what other benefits does this provide to employee or employer?

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8 Benefits of Continued Professional Education [In

Even though you’ve completed your degree and entered the working world, you’re never done learning. New technology, new techniques and new ways of thinking are always finding their way into every industry. What’s more, it’s critical that the people in those industries adapt to the changes. That’s why continuing professional education is so important — yet not many people take full advantage of what’s available, to the detriment of themselves and their employers.

Continued professional education brings numerous benefits to employees as well as their employers. By learning more about their industries, employees gain valuable skills that can help them advance their careers in different directions — as well as the confidence they need to be more successful in their current positions.

Employers who offer continuing educational opportunities to their employees gain workers who are more competent and satisfied, and who become more effective at their jobs and help push the company toward greater success. These types of employers also make themselves more appealing to highly qualified job candidates.

In short, continued professional education is the definition of a “win-win” scenario for employers and their employees.

Although continuing professional education can provide a significant boost, it can be difficult for an employee interested in pursuing these opportunities to find them. However, those who want to enhance their careers have a few options for locating the right educational opportunity — such as finding professional associations in their fields or inquiring with their employer’s HR department.

No matter whether you’re an employer or an employee, continued professional education can be a mutually beneficial arrangement. The accompanying guide contains information you should know about professional education, its benefits and how to find it.

 8 Benefits of Continued Professional Education [Infographic]

Mohamed Markar

Mohamed Markar, CPA, MBA, is Founder and President of The Center for Professional Education, Inc., a national provider of continuing education programs for accounting and financial professionals. For more than three decades, Markar has initiated cutting-edge courses for a wide range of industries, employing the best speakers and instructors from the worlds of accounting, tax and business to ensure the latest knowledge and updates are always available. His company offers thousands of webinars, self-study programs, seminars and conferences annually, and hosts events nationally and internationally.


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