12 Things Every Professional Should Say in a Job Interview

Monday, January 13, 2020

You might be the chattiest person in the office, the snappiest speaker in meetings – but if you don’t know what to say in job interviews (and how to say it) you might end up stuck in your present job for longer than you wish.

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12 Things Every Professional Should Say in a Job Interview

Everybody knows a few things they’re not supposed to say to an interview panel. But as you prepare for your next big head-to-head, it can be beneficial to figure out some smart things that you should say, too. You’ll still need to do your research, figure out your angle, and learn about the job you hope to step in to. But the folks at resume.io have identified 12 killer phrases you can adapt and use to impress your potential employers.

One winning example begins, “here’s how I can help your company.” It’s a great way to avoid abstract talk about competencies and job descriptions, and actually connect your experience and qualifications directly to the employer’s needs.

“You need to clearly indicate potential value and relevance to the employer’s needs. If you don’t, someone else probably will.” - Georgia Adamson, CEO of A Successful Career

Are you ready to be the person that says the right thing in interviews?

resume.io shares phrases you can say in a job interview

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