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  • Which applications should be deployed at the edge?
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Which applications should be deployed at the edge?

Today’s businesses run on data.

But as data proliferates in variety and quantity, gaining value from that data becomes a steep challenge. Once processed in data centers, and then in the cloud, data is now being generated in quantities that can’t be confined to a single location. Learn why key types of applications make the most sense at the edge, what barriers you may encounter in your edge journey, and steps to overcome them. To illustrate what successful edge deployments look like, we provide real-life examples and a checklist to help guide you to successful edge deployments.

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Key take-aways

  • Certain workloads work better at the edge.
  • Consider a flexible, open, and secure edge to cloud platform to underlie everything.
  • Do it yourself at your own risk; professional assistance is invaluable.