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  • Ten Questions to Ask About Your Office 365 Deployment
Report Mimecast Ten Questions to Ask About Your Office 365 Deployment

Ten Questions to Ask About Your Office 365 Deployment

There are limitations… that should be considered by decision makers who are either considering a migration to Office 365 or have already deployed it...

By any measuse, Office 365 is a success as millions of Microsoft seats transition from on-premises Exchange to a cloud-based email service as part of Office 365. While Microsoft has been offering hosted email solutions for more than 20 years, they have hit their stride with Office 365, the third major iteration of the company’s foray into hosted/cloud-based email and collaboration. This whitepaper discusses the key issues that decision makers need to consider as they evaluate the email, security, and resilience capabilities of Office 365.

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Topics include:

  • Special considerations related to hybrid Exchange and Office 365 email deployments
  • The importance of programmatic security efficacy rather than simple functionality
  • How to ensure business messaging continuity in the context of Office 365 outages
  • Whether third-party backup/recovery is critical for protecting your infrastructure