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Report K2 Business Apps for SharePoint and Office 365 for Dummies

Business Apps for SharePoint and Office 365 for Dummies

Although it has been common practice for some time, building custom apps in SharePoint has proven difficult, sometimes resulting in unstable SharePoint environments.

To address some of these difficulties, Microsoft introduced the App Model as part of its SharePoint 2013 release. The SharePoint App Model provides a framework for building custom SharePoint apps while still maintaining the integrity of an organization’s SharePoint environment. The App model provides some great capabilities, but many app developers find it difficult to use and are still searching for a better way to build apps.

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This Dummies guide explores common challenges encountered when building SharePoint business apps and best practices for finding a solution.

Plus, learn how K2 provides SharePoint users with the tools to :

  • Create powerful apps without heavy custom coding
  • Build workflows, forms, and data from other line-of-business (LOB) systems
  • Support for mobile applications, accessing tasks and take action on the go
  • In-depth reporting capabilities to continually optimise processes

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